How do you get DJ Quack on Moshi cupcakes?

How do you get DJ Quack on Moshi cupcakes?

Chose a colour and size of icing to add to the cake. Choose toppings and add them to the cake. Press ‘Done’ and wait to see which Moshling is attracted to your cake!

Where is candycane caves Moshi Monsters?

Music Island
The Candy Cane Caves are featured in Moshi Monsters: The Movie as part of Music Island, underneath the Gombala Gombala Jungle. The monsters (except for Zommer) fall into a trap pit that was set up for them by the Hypnotized Candy Roarkers.

Is Katsuma from Moshi Monsters a boy?

Katsuma is one of the virtual pets who is adoptable in the online world of Moshi Monsters. They are the most popular Monster and are popular with boys. They are orange striped, rabbit-like monsters with dark-blue eyes, although Katsumas have default colours, they can be changed.

Where is the cupcake game in Moshi Monsters?

Candy Cane Caves
Moshi Cupcakes is a game triggered when clicking the Candy Cavern within the Candy Cane Caves in Moshi Monsters.

What foods make your Moshi Monster happy?

Feeding Your Monster. Foods have all varieties of happiness and health rewards, some much better than others. If your monster really needs health, try purchasing Glooble (182 health), Raspberry Cheesecake (127), or Green (118). For happiness, try getting Mice Krispies (81 happiness), Zoot Fruit (56), or Pop Rox (47).

What do Moshi Monsters Eat?

Eye Pie
Moshi stated Eye Pie is his favourite food, Roary Scrawl felt threatened. Similarly, Zommer’s eyeball has been used as marshmallows….

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Can you play Moshi Monsters still?

Is the Moshi Monsters website no longer in use? Yes. It has been shut down because it required Adobe Flash Player, which is no longer available. You might wish to play a spinoff game that is related to Moshi Monsters.