How do you get the red bricks in Episode 4 Chapter 2?

How do you get the red bricks in Episode 4 Chapter 2?

It’s near the Banthas, you just have to head down the screen. Float across the hole as R2, and then blow up the junk with a detonator. Form the three metal bricks into a tower and use it to reach the platform shown on the screenshot. It’s difficult, but can be done.

How do you get the power brick on Dagobah?

Power Brick. Use the Dark Side on them and you’ll reach a race track. Build a tractor on it and take it for a ride – do a full lap and a power brick will appear.

How do you unlock power bricks in Lego Star Wars?

Use the force to remove all the lids from four garbage cans to the left of the door in the first area.

  1. Use the force to remove the Lego bricks from the garbage cans. Assemble the Lego bricks to create a door.
  2. Walk through the door to find the red power brick. This brick will unlock the “Super Lightsaber” extra.

What does the tractor beam red brick do?

Tractor Beam is an extra in the Lego Star Wars games. When turned on, in vehicle missions, all enemies that get too close to you will be sucked up behind you by a beam, where they will be vulnerable to shoot at.

What does Super lightsabers do in Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga?

Super Lightsabers is an extra in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. When turned on, it will make your lightsaber purple and doubles its damage, but you will still only take one heart off bosses.

What is super GONK?

Super Gonk is an extra in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. When turned on, it turns the slow, plodding Gonk Droid into a fast-walking speed demon. This code also gives Gonk one of the highest jumps in the game.

How do you get super GONK?

Step on the gray spot while the other character steps on the button, and your space will be elevated. Use this to double jump through each of the cases and lower their fronts. Step on one of the revealed buttons while the other character steps on the other button to reveal the Power Brick – Super Gonk.

Where is the walkie talkie in power brick 3?

Chapter 3- Power Brick 3: Walkie Talkie Disable -This is located on the top of the roof at the beginning of the level. You must destroy everything on the roof to get all of the pieces. Once you build all of the blocks you must put them in the right order

Where to find power brick 2 Poo money?

Chapter 2- Power Brick 2: Poo Money -Use the bounty hunter panel that is located behind one of the pillars that you need Jar-Jar to jump on. This will unveil a hidden room that contains the brick and is after all of the pillars.

Where is power brick 11 exploding blaster bolts?

Chapter 5- Power Brick 11: Exploding Blaster Bolts – This brick is sitting out in the open. It is located right after the first gate that has to be destroyed. There are 3 beams right in a row that you must pass. Once passed these 3 beams you will notice a pillar of rock on the right hand side next to the edge. The block is located behind that.

Do you need red bricks for story mode?

While doing free play missions you will need to collect every mini-kit (10 in each level), fill the True Jedi meter (if you didn’t get it in story mode) and get the red brick as well. There are a few levels that would be beneficial to do first for their red bricks.