How does del Sol color change work?

How does del Sol color change work?

Del Sol’s Spectrachrome® crystals, used in its color-change technology, reveals color upon irradiation by ultraviolet waves; i.e., sunlight. When a flower blooms, the result is the exposure of the inherent color of the flower.

What are Del Sol rings?

“Del Sol combines fun, new ring designs with unbelievably vibrant color change that guarantees customers will get a smile out of anyone – young or old,” said Scott Brady, AVP of Communications. “These color-changing rings are instant fun under the sun – perfect for giveaways, simple rewards, and shocking surprises.”

Who is Del Sol?

Del Sol is the world’s leading brand of color-changing apparel and accessories and the number-one promoted merchant on-board major cruise lines. Much like a flower that blossoms in the sun’s rays, Del Sol’s exclusive Spectrachrome® crystals open and unfold upon exposure to sunlight; revealing their hidden colors.

Who owns del Sol sunglasses?

Company co-founders, Robert Pedersen, “Captain Bob,” and son-in-law, Steve Schone, began searching for a way to bottle their idea in a form that everyone could enjoy whenever they stepped outside into sunlight.

How does Cazador del Sol work?

The suncatcher Cazador-del-sol is a suncatcher disc made of Plexiglas which is mounted on a flexible swinging rod. Daylight hits the disc, is focused and emanates at the edges – without electricity or other source of energy.

What does Del Sol do?

Del Sol has grown to become the world leader in color-changing clothing and accessories, and the only producer of Spectrachrome® crystal dyes. Our product collections feature the brightest, most vibrant colors of the rainbow.

Are del Sol sunglasses polarized?

All Solize™ sunglasses have PolarizedPro™ lenses, providing a clearer image with less glare. They protect the eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays by filtering out glare from reflective surfaces.

What do you call glasses that change in sunlight?

A simple alternative is to wear glasses with photochromic or “transition” lenses. These lenses automatically darken in bright sunlight and return to a regular tint in dimly lit environments.

How do I get my Costas fixed?

For information concerning Costa’s Repair Program for Out of Warranty Damage, including applicable fees, visit or call 1-855-COSTARX. Costa Rx sunglass lenses and frames must be returned to your Eye Care Practitioner for Repair Program service.

Which is the best color for del Sol?

Del Sol products feature the brightest, most vibrant colors within a vast color palette of more than 300 color varieties.

Can a del Sol T-shirt change its color?

Have fun in the sun with Del Sol color-changing shirts, nail polish, sunglasses, hats, jewelry, hair accessories and much more. Del Sol’s color-changing products transform to bright, vivid colors with sun exposure and return to their original color indoors without sun.

When did the clothing company del Sol start?

Del Sol and its color-changing clothing and accessories all started from an idea in the early ‘90s about making a little sunshine go a long way.

How does color change work with Del Sol crystals?

Spectrachrome Crystals. It’s magic! Seriously, it’s the magic of Del Sol’s proprietary Spectrachrome® Technology, which harnesses the power of the sun through what our chemists call a molecular excitation transition. In simpler terms, it means that Spectrachrome crystals reveal their hidden colors when exposed to sunlight.