How long is flight from UK to Rhodes?

How long is flight from UK to Rhodes?

Useful information

Language: Greek
Currency: Euro
Time zone: GMT +2 hours (GMT +3 hours in summer)
Flight time: 4 hours 30 mins
Airport code: RHO

Can you fly direct to Rhodes from UK?

From London Gatwick (LGW), British Airways, easyJet and TUI all fly direct to Rhodes. Ryanair and Jet2 fly from Stansted (STN), while easyJet also services the route from Luton.

How long is the flight to Rhodes in Greece?

4 hours 30 mins
Useful information

Language: Greek
Time zone: GMT +2 hours
Flight time: 4 hours 30 mins
Airport code: RHO
Holiday type: Beach / Clubbing / Summer Sun

How long is the flight from London to Greek islands?

Average direct flight time is 7 hours 54 minutes. The fastest direct flight from London to Greek Islands is 7 hours 40 minutes.

Which is better Crete or Rhodes?

Though touristy, Rhodes has many pleasant uncrowded places in the off-season (e.g. Haraki) as well as fabulous beaches. Crete also has great beaches (perhaps even better ones), big resorts with British-style bars, as well as authentic and quiet areas.

What is the best part of Rhodes to stay in?

Where to Stay in Rhodes: Best Areas to Stay in Rhodes

  • Lindos, the second most popular destination to stay in Rhodes.
  • Pefkos, where to stay in Rodhes for families.
  • Lardos, pretty village close to the beach.
  • Kiotari, one of the most beautiful beaches.
  • Ixia/Ialyssos, good beach destination where to stay in Rhodes.

Is it still OK to travel to Rhodes?

Rhodes is often considered one of the safest places in Greece. The low crime rate makes it safe to walk around at almost any time of the day or night. Even though women can feel safe in Rhodes, they should always practice common sense and avoid dangerous areas at night.

Is there only one airport in Rhodes?

As is normal in Europe, no matter what fancy names commemorating ancient history or more recent politicians or local heroes the authorities come up with for airports, the locals don’t use them. As there’s only one airport on Rhodes with commercial flights, it’s just “the airport” in English, or “aerodromio” in Greek.

Is Greece on the green list?

Some of the main tourist destinations are: The Bahamas, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece (including islands), Italy, Portugal (Madeira is on the green watchlist and The Azores will move to the green list), Saudi Arabia, Spain (including the Canary and Balearic Islands), the …

Is Rhodes on the green list?

Obviously, most of the green list nations are exempt; but there are also some amber list exemptions, particularly islands that are faring better than their mainland counterparts. Among these are Spain’s Canary Islands and the Greek islands of Rhodes, Kos, Zante, Corfu and Crete.

What is the cheapest Greek island to fly to?

Lefkada is one of the most popular low budget destinations in the country and attracts a load of Greek visitors, as well as international travellers in the know. The laid-back island boasts several beautiful beaches and the Ionian cuisine will put a smile on your face.

What Greek islands can you fly direct from UK?

Are there any other Greek islands than these that you can fly direct to from UK:

  • Crete. Corfu.
  • Kos.
  • Rhodes.
  • Santorini.
  • Zante. Mykonos.