How many people pass through Times Square daily?

How many people pass through Times Square daily?

330,000 people
Times Square is one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions, drawing an estimated 50 million visitors annually. Approximately 330,000 people pass through Times Square daily, many of them tourists, while over 460,000 pedestrians walk through Times Square on its busiest days.

Is it safe to walk around Times Square?

During the daytime, almost all areas of Manhattan are safe for walking—even Harlem and Alphabet City, though you may consider avoiding these neighborhoods after dark. Times Square is a great place to visit at night and it stays populated until after midnight when theater-goers head home.

Is Times Square Safe 2021?

So far in 2021, there have been 232 crime incidents in Times Square proper, including 22 felony assaults, five sex crimes and one rape, representing 5 percent of total crimes reported across the two precincts that cover it, CompStat data shows.

Is Times Square a safe area?

Times Square is within the NYPD’s Midtown South precinct, which also includes Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. “Times Square is safe. Like all over the world, things happen but if something does happen just know that you have people here to help you,” said Davis.

How many people walk by Times Square?

This data allows us to estimate that: In a typical year, nearly 360,000 pedestrians enter the heart of Times Square each day. In 2020, roughly 125,000 pedestrians entered Times Square each day. On the busiest days, Times Square has pedestrian counts as high as 450,000.

Is Times Square a good place to stay?

Without a doubt, the single best reason for staying in Times Square is the Location. You are right in the beating heart of the City and most tourist attractions and sights are right within walking distance.

What are the worst neighborhoods in New York?

The 10 Worst Neighborhoods in NYC

  • Soundview. The Soundview neighborhood in the Bronx only barely made it on to this list.
  • Brownsville. Brownsville is one of the few neighborhoods in New York that has remained relatively untouched by gentrification.
  • Bedford Park.
  • High Bridge.
  • Norwood.
  • Fordham.
  • Tremont.
  • Mott Haven.

Is there a lot of crime in Times Square?

Times Square crime and violence makes a comeback, but NYPD promises turnaround. It’s gone from Disney back to dingy. The coronavirus pandemic has paved the way for a partial resurgence of the violent and sleazy side of Times Square, visitors and locals fear.

Can you walk around time Square New York?

If you’re in Manhattan you can’t miss to walk around Times Square. It’s one of the most visited places by tourists in NY.

How many people enter Times Square each day?

Nearly 380,000 pedestrians enter the heart of Times Square each day. On the busiest days, Times Square has pedestrian counts as high as 450,000. Times Square stays busy late, with over 85,000 pedestrians entering the “Bowtie” between 7pm and 1am.

What to do in Times Square with kids?

5. Order a pastrami sandwich and a slice of cheesecake at the famous Junior’s Restaurant (there are now two locations in Times Square—one on 45th Street and one on 49th!). 6. Stop into Hershey’s Chocolate World’s sweet new digs for one of their famous s’mores treats—they’re served from an actual camper inside the store.

When did they start counting pedestrians in Times Square?

However, like the rest of the City, Times Square saw record lows in foot traffic in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Times Square automated counting system – phased in between August 2011 and September 2012 – provides 24/7 data on the number of pedestrians who enter and pass through specific counting zones of the Times Square Bowtie.

How old do you have to be to go to Times Square?

Performances are appropriate for kids 1 1/2 years old and up to 12 years old. They have a full show calendar with a rotating array of plays, circus acts, dancing, puppets, and more. You can filter your search by age or date.