How many Star Trek TV series are there?

How many Star Trek TV series are there?

Star Trek: The Original Series/Number of seasons

What is the Order of the Star Trek series?

Star Trek Chronological Viewing Order

  • Star Trek: Enterprise (Year: 2151-2161)
  • Star Trek: Discovery seasons 1-2 (Year: 2255)
  • Star Trek: The Original Series (Year: 2265-2269)
  • Star Trek: The Animated Series (Year: 2269-2270)
  • The first six Star Trek films (Year: 2273-2293)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation (Year: 2364-2370)

What is the most popular Star Trek?

Star Trek: The Next Generation
1 Star Trek: The Next Generation Out of every show in the franchise, Star Trek: The Next Generation is the show that is universally the most popular. TNG aired from 1987 to 1994, and although the first season is usually not thought of highly by fans, the show hit its stride quickly.

How many spin offs of Star Trek are there?

nine spin-off
The Star Trek canon includes the Original Series, nine spin-off television series, and a film franchise; further adaptations also exist in several media.

Who is the most popular Star Trek captain?

Jean-Luc Picard is the best the Enterprise has ever known Probably no two Star Trek captains are weighed against each other more often than Kirk and Picard. Picard is often treated as a more timid, snootier answer to his predecessor, but those comparisons aren’t fair.

Is Voyager the worst Star Trek?

Voyager had a few great moments, but most of all it had potential. Yet despite its mistakes, Voyager was still Star Trek. Even the worst Star Trek has great moments. Voyager had its triumphs.

Is Star Trek worth watching?

Not only is it a good Star Trek movie it is a good movie both in the terms of the plot and general filmmaking technics, which is why many fans consider it to be the best movie in the franchise. The plot deals with the mistakes Kirk made while he was younger, leaving an entire planet behind without checking up on it.

Who was a better Captain Kirk or Picard?

Kirk is the cowboy adventurer Starfleet needed early on in its exploration of deep space and its relationship with the Federation. Picard is the diplomat Starfleet needed when they were a major player in interstellar politics. Though very different, neither is the better captain.

Who was the youngest Starfleet Captain?

James Kirk
According to the official Star Trek history, James Kirk was born in Riverside, Iowa on 22 March 2233, and at age 34 became the youngest captain in Starfleet history.

What is the longest running Star Trek series?

It can be argued TNG laid the foundation for decades of future trek’s to the outer reaches of space because of the way it connected with its audience. This is why this series, led by Captain Picard and crew, has earned a special spot above all others as the longest-running series in the history of Starfleet.

Is Star Trek better than Star Wars?

William Shatner argues that Star Trek is superior to Star Wars. Shatner believes that Star Wars was only better than Star Trek in terms of special effects, and that once J.J. Abrams became involved, Star Trek was able to “supersede Star Wars on every level”.

Is Star Trek the same as Star Wars?

Star Wars and Star Trek are both science based and involve space travel and aliens. The Star Trek television series was originally produced in 1966, and it influenced the 1977 beginning of the popular Star Wars films. Without these conflicts, the Star Wars movies would essentially have no plot.