How old is Al Horrid Henry?

How old is Al Horrid Henry?

He appears to be around 10 years old from Horrid Henry’s Birthday until Horrid Henry’s Birthday Bonanza. Henry appears to turn 11 in Horrid Henry’s Birthday Bonanza onward.

Is Perfect Peter a boy or girl?

In contrast with the Purple Hand Gang, Peter is the leader of the Best Boys Club. Perfect Peter is in Miss Lovely’s class, and is her favourite student.

What accent does Horrid Henry have?

Black Country accent
He has a Black Country accent and is one of Henry’s friends. He is a member of the Purple Hand Gang. He sits next to Sour Susan in Miss Battle-Axe’s class, and has a habit of question both ‘Cool!’ and ‘Not cool?’

Who is Horrid Henry’s girlfriend?

Nasty Nicola
Nasty Nicola: Henry’s girlfriend in Horrid Henry and the New Best Friend.

Is Horrid Henry a psychopath?

Henry gives the illusion of being a monster, but he says and does nothing that other children don’t do. If he were to plot and scheme, he would be a borderline psychopath, but in the main he reacts to situations to get his own way, which makes him funny and endearing rather than alarming.

Who is nasty Nicola?

Nicola, under the nickname of Nasty Nicola is a new girl who joined Horrid Henry’s class in Horrid Henry and the New Best Friend. She gets expelled at the end of Horrid Henry and the New Best Friend for her behaviour.

Who does Rude Ralph have a crush on?

When Ralph develops a hard and fast crush on the new boy at school, a transfer student from the states, Ralph does everything to keep it quiet. Margaret doesn’t care about keeping things quiet tho. She accuses Ralph of having a crush in front of the entire cafeteria, INCLUDING the new boy (called Charming Charlie).

Who is Horrid Henry’s best friend?

Rude Ralph is Henry’s best friend, but like Moody Margaret and Sour Susan, it’s a bit of a love/hate friendship. One minute they’re playing hysterical pranks on unsuspecting worms (Perfect Peter), the next they’re rowing over anything and everything.

Is Tidy Ted a girl?

Ted is a polite young boy who takes pride in his appearance. He also appears to be quite friendly in Horrid Henry and the Detention Club.

Does horrid Henry have abusive parents?

They tend to be mean-spirited, abusive and unlikable in many of the books and episodes of the TV series to the point where it’s completely understandable why Henry is so horrid: he lives in an abusive family that doesn’t care for him. Like with Peter, they never never let Henry do anything he likes.

Does Horrid Henry like Moody?

Margaret likely develops a crush on Henry in series 4, although it is unknown because in the episode Horrid Henry Gets Married, Henry bumps his head and sees a vision of the future, and he is engaged to Margaret.

Are the Killer Boy Rats real?

The Killer Boy Rats are a Norwegian-American rock band. One of their most devoted fans is the comic icon ‘Horrid’ Henry. They were formed in 2000.

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Who is Aerobic Al in the book Horrid Henry?

In Horrid Henry, Nothing But The Truth, it proves that Al is Henry’s friend. Al is skilled in Karate more than anyone else. His name might be a pun of the adjective ‘Aerobical’. In Horrid Henry Looks at Love, Al has a crush on Margaret.