How old is Mark Allen triathlete?

How old is Mark Allen triathlete?

63 years (12 January 1958)
Mark Allen/Age
Merely competing in an IRONMAN race is accomplishment enough, but after winning races across the country and abroad, the future IRONMAN legend still could not break through at the World Championship held annually in Kona, Hawaii. “I was really at a crossroads,” says the now 63-year-old Allen.

How many ironmans did Mark Allen win?

six times
Mark Allen will forever be linked with the Ironman World Championships, which takes place Saturday on Hawaii’s Big Island. Allen won the race six times, most memorably in 1995, when he came back at 37 after a one-year hiatus and improbably made up more than 13 minutes on the leader in the marathon leg.

What is Mark Allen’s real name?

Mark Allen (born 22 February 1986) is a Northern Irish professional snooker player. He won the World Amateur Championship in 2004. The following year he entered the Main Tour and took only three seasons to reach the elite Top 16….Mark Allen (snooker player)

Tournament wins
Non-ranking 3

Where is Mark Allen today?

Santa Cruz
Today, Allen, 57, lives in Santa Cruz, Calif. and is one of the sport’s most respected coaches, an award-winning writer and, in his latest role, an IRONMAN U Master Coach.

How much do you get for winning the Ironman?

$100,000 prize purse for IRONMAN UK 2021.

Who won the Iron Man?


Year Gold Time
2016 Jan Frodeno ( GER ) 8:06:30
2017 Patrick Lange ( GER ) 8:01:40
2018 Patrick Lange ( GER ) 7:52:39
2019 Jan Frodeno ( GER ) 7:51:13

How rich is Markallen?

The estimated Net Worth of Mark C Allen is at least $5.56 Million dollars as of 19 December 2014. Mr. Allen owns over 14,432 units of Denbury Resources stock worth over $154,491 and over the last 18 years he sold DNR stock worth over $2,557,029.

Who is Us Allen from Vera?

Who was Mark Allen? Mark Allen had worked as resident set painter on ITV show Vera for the past eight years. The Durham native spent his career working in art departments for TV shows such as Inspector George Gently and films such as An Inspector Calls.

How rich is Mark Allen?

Who is the best Ironman athlete?

TOP 10 Rated Male Athletes

Rank Name Last Race
1 Jan Frodeno IM Hawaii on 2019-10-12
2 Sebastian Kienle IM Hawaii on 2019-10-12
3 Patrick Lange IM Hawaii on 2019-10-12
4 (-) Cody Beals IM Florida on 2020-11-07

Do you get paid for Ironman?

Apart from all these, Ironman triathlon,the toughest endurance sport, wins anywhere from $10,000 to $500,000 as prize money. This one-day event has to be completed within 17 hours and the winner gets the Ironman title tag along with the prize money.

Who is the best triathlete?

The 8 Best Triathletes in The World (2020)

  1. Jan Frodeno (GER) Those familiar with triathlon know that this man needs no introduction.
  2. Anne Haug (GER)
  3. Gustav Iden (NOR)
  4. Mario Mola (ESP)
  5. Javier Gomez (ESP)
  6. Vincent Luis (FRA)
  7. Katie Zaferes (USA)
  8. Allister Brownlee (GBR)