How old is my international comfort?

How old is my international comfort?

How can I tell the age of an International Comfort Products (ICP) air conditioner or furnace from the serial number? The first two numbers of the serial number, after a single letter, are the year of manufacture of the unit for an International Comfort heat pump.

How can I tell how old my air handler is?

You will find a metal nameplate attached containing the system’s technical specification. On most units this is located on the backside of the cabinet. Sometimes the manufacturer birthdate will be listed as MFR DATE. If that is the case, then you know the age of the equipment.

How old is my air conditioner by serial number?

Check the upper-right hand corner of the nameplate for the unit’s manufacture date. If the manufacture date is not visible on the condenser, you can always locate the brand, model and serial number on the plate, which will help to determine the age of the unit.

How do I read my international comfort product model number?

For International Comfort, you should look for the 5th and 6th digit of the model number, or approximately that location. It will be a number divisible by 6 or 12, and represents the nominal BTU of the system in thousands.

How old is my ICP furnace?

The date of production/manufacture or age of ICP® HVAC equipment can be determined from the serial number located on the data plate.

Is ICP and Carrier the same?

ICP will operate as a separate subsidiary of Carrier, and will maintain operations in Franklin, Tenn. ICP’s unitary product lines include Arcoaire, Airquest, Comfortmaker, Heil, and Tempstar. Carrier brands include Bryant, Carrier, Day & Night, Payne, and WeatherMaker.

How long do AC units last?

Though the lifespan of a home air conditioner varies based on many factors, those that are well-maintained should last 10 to 15 years. And by completing regular checkups and repairs – both big and small – many systems can last even longer.

How do I know if my second hand air conditioner is working?

Here are some things to look into before buying a used air conditioner:

  1. Read reviews about the model.
  2. Find out if it is still within the warranty period.
  3. Inspect the unit in person.
  4. Avoid old air conditioners.
  5. Compare the prices with new models.

How do I know what size evaporator coil I need?

If the evaporator must move 400 gallons per minute: 14 x 400 = 5,600. Multiply the answer by 500: 5,600 x 500 = 2,800,000. This answer is the evaporator’s size, measured in BTUs per hour. Divide the answer by 12,000: 2,800,000 / 12,000 = 233.33.

How do you read a Heil model and serial number?

The Heil brand is produced by International Comfort Products. Units produced since the early 1990s have a serial number that is a single letter followed by a series of numbers. The first two numbers are the year of manufacture. So the serial number shown below indicates that the condenser unit was manufactured in 1991.

Who manufactures ICP?

United Technologies
ICP is a United Technologies subsidiary (and part of its Carrier operating unit). ICP makes oil and gas furnaces, heat pumps, and central air-conditioning systems for residential and commercial customers.