Is a pantomime a person?

Is a pantomime a person?

Pantomime (/ˈpæn. tə….Major.

Role Role description Played by
Comic lead or good fairy Does physical comedy and relates to children in the audience. Sometimes plays an animal. Man or woman
Villain The pantomime antagonist. Often a wicked wizard, witch or demon. Man or woman

Who is the dame in Peter Pan?

For the past 2 years, Morgan Brind has entertained Derby Arena audiences as the loveable panto Dame in Beauty and the Beast (2017) and Jack and the Beanstalk (2018). Morgan is back for a third year running as Auntie Hilda: the odd looking one that refuses to grow up!

Who is the pantomime dame in Aladdin?

Widow Twankey
The names given to Dames have altered over the years, but traditionally the Dame in ‘Aladdin’ is Widow Twankey. Christened in 1861 Page 2 Twankay was a tea, popular in London at the time, from the Tuan Kay province of China.

What does a pantomime dame do?

A pantomime dame is a male actor who is dressed up to look like a woman. A pantomime dame will also often perform in an exaggerated, melodramatic, manner. The role of the dame is to play a warm, matronly character or a wicked antagonist whose main purpose is to get the audience participating.

What is Aladdin’s mother called?

The traditional Aladdin pantomime is the source of the well-known pantomime character Widow Twankey (Aladdin’s mother).