Is it OK to ask for money in lieu of wedding gifts?

Is it OK to ask for money in lieu of wedding gifts?

Your guests want to purchase things that’ll get plenty of use over the years, and there’s no denying that cash would make for a perfect gift to kickstart newlywed life. So, if you’re wondering if you can use your wedding registry for money, the short answer is yes.

How do you ask for wedding gift vouchers?

Asking for Vouchers Should you wish to give us a gift for our home, there are a few things we would like from [name of shop], so [name of shop] vouchers would be much appreciated. As we have been sharing a home for some time we have decided not to have a traditional gift list.

Are gift certificates good gifts?

Overall, gift cards seem to be more popular among gift givers than receivers. Many consider gift cards to be impersonal gifts that give the impression that the gift giver is lazy. Fees on gift cards are prohibited for 12 months after purchase of the gift card and gift cards have a life expectancy of five years.

What are disadvantages of gift cards?

After purchases are made with a gift card, there may be a small amount of money left, which if not used, whether due to forgetfulness or inertia, ends up as money wasted. You may pay purchase or reload fees to add money. Closed-loop cards limit purchasing power.

Is a cash registry tacky?

Cash wedding registries—though once, and occasionally still, considered tacky—are slowly gaining traction. A survey by the wedding-planning website The Knot found that 6 percent of engaged and recently married couples in 2017 opted for money in lieu of traditional wedding gifts.

Can you ask for cash for a wedding gift?

Asking for cash for a wedding gift might rub some family members and friends the wrong way, so we outlined the best tips when it comes to asking for and handling cash gifts. For those more tech-savvy guests, turn to a cash registry site. There are many options, including:

Is it okay to use gift cards on wedding invitations?

24% of the people who responded said to register on traditional sites (namely, department stores), but to select very few items other than gift cards. Surprisingly, a full 13% said it is okay to just list your Venmo or PayPal account on invitations. To be clear, 11% clung to the idea that asking for cash or gift cards is simply impolite.

Where is the best place to buy a wedding gift card?

Answer: The best gift card to buy for a wedding, bridal shower or engagement party is a gift card on the couple’s wedding registry. Since stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Target give newlyweds a discount when they buy items off their own registry, a gift card to one of those stores can actually be used to save the couple money.

Do you know the value of a wedding gift card?

Answer: Yes. Not only will knowing the dollar value of the card help the married couple plan how to spend it, but having this information could prove useful if there is an issue with the card. Make a copy of the activation receipt for your own records and tuck the original in with the gift card packaging.