Is makemake a round?

Is makemake a round?

Since Makemake has a diameter of more than 1,400 km (900 miles), it is large enough for gravity to have made its shape round, and thus in 2008 it was designated as a dwarf planet as well as a plutoid. Makemake orbits the Sun every 306 years and is reddish in colour.

What is the circumference of Makemake?

Makemake Dwarf Planet Profile

Equatorial Diameter: 1,434 km
Orbit Distance: 6,850,000,000 km (45.79 AU)
Orbit Period: 309.9 years
Surface Temperature: -239°C
Moons: 1 (MK 2 – S/2015 (136472) 1)

What is Eris’s diameter?

2,326 km

What is the gravity on makemake compared to Earth?

Makemake Statistics

Diameter: 1,300-1,900 km (808-1,181 miles) [0.102-0.149 x Earth’s]
Mass: ~4 x 1021 kilograms (0.00067 x Earth’s)
Density: ~2,000 kg/m3 (0.363 x Earth’s)
Surface Gravity: ~0.5 m/s2 (0.051 x Earth’s)
Surface Temperature: 30 K ( -240° C or -406° F )

Can we live on Makemake?

Potential for Life The surface of Makemake is extremely cold, so it seems unlikely that life could exist there.

What colors is Pluto?

We did know that Pluto is generally reddish but we were very vague on the details. When the robotic probe New Horizons flew past Pluto in 2015 it took enough photos to give us a good look the dwarf planet’s colours. It turned out that Pluto is mostly shades of reddish brown.

What is the size of Haumea?

816 km

What is the diameter of Haumea?

1,632 km

Is Eris smaller than Pluto?

Eris is one of the largest known dwarf planets in our solar system. It’s about the same size as Pluto but is three times farther from the Sun. At first, Eris appeared to be larger than Pluto. Pluto, Eris, and other similar objects are now classified as dwarf planets.

What is Eris mass?

1.672 × 10^22 kg

Does Eris have moons?


Eris has a very small moon called Dysnomia. Dysnomia has a nearly circular orbit lasting about 16 days. This moon is named after Eris’ daughter, the demon goddess of lawlessness. Dysnomia and other small moons around planets and dwarf planets allow astronomers to calculate the mass of the parent body.

How does makemake look like?

Surface. We can’t see too many details of Makemake’s surface from so far away, but it does appear to be a reddish-brownish color, similar to Pluto. Scientists have also detected frozen methane and ethane on its surface.