Is monopoly a verb or noun?

Is monopoly a verb or noun?

noun, plural mo·nop·o·lies. exclusive control of a commodity or service in a particular market, or a control that makes possible the manipulation of prices.

What is the adjective of monopoly?

adjective. /məˌnɑpəˈlɪstɪk/ (formal) controlling or trying to get complete control over something, especially an industry or a company.

What type of noun is monopoly?

A situation, by legal privilege or other agreement, in which solely one party (company, cartel etc.) exclusively provides a particular product or service, dominating that market and generally exerting powerful control over it.

Is Monopolizer a word?

The definition of monopolizer in the dictionary is a person who has, controls, or makes use of someone or something fully, excluding others. Other definition of monopolizer is a person or business enterprise that obtains, maintains, or exploits a monopoly of a market, commodity, etc.

Is monopoly an adverb?

In a monopolistic manner.

Is monopoly a common noun?

Proper noun A board game in which players use play money to buy and trade properties, with the objective of forcing opponents into bankruptcy.

Is monopoly a proper noun?

Brand names of trademarked games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Chutes and Ladders are capitalized, but note that it is not necessarily to use registration symbols with them.

What is self confessor?

The self-confessor is a group member who tries to use group meetings as therapy sessions for issues not related to the group’s task. Self-confessors tend to make personal self-disclosures that are unnecessarily intimate.

What is a Withdrawer?

Definitions of withdrawer. an authority who withdraws permission. type of: authority. (usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others. an individualist who withdraws from social interaction.

What was the original meaning of the word Monopoly?

The word monopoly is quite ancient, deriving from the Latin word monopolium, which in turn came from the Greek word monopolion, meaning “right of exclusive sale”. More literally, it could be translated as “sole sale”. The original roots for the word are mono- (derived from monos, meaning “single, alone”) and polein (meaning “to sell”).

What does the word Monopoly mean in this sentence?

Definition of Monopoly the state in which one entity or individual dominates an entire industry or market Examples of Monopoly in a sentence The local cable company has a monopoly on high speed Internet because it offers the only web access in town. 🔊

What does the word Monopoly mean in a market?

Definition: The Monopoly is a market structure characterized by a single seller , selling the unique product with the restriction for a new firm to enter the market. Simply, monopoly is a form of market where there is a single seller selling a particular commodity for which there are no close substitutes. Features of Monopoly Market

What are some synonyms of monopoly?

Synonyms: monopoly. Definition: (economics) a market in which there are many buyers but only one seller. Usage: a monopoly on silver; when you have a monopoly you can ask any price you like. Similar words: market, market place, marketplace.