Is the Prince of Morocco married?

Is the Prince of Morocco married?

Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco

Predecessor Lalla Latifa (1999)
Born Salma Bennani 10 May 1978 Fes, Morocco
Spouse Mohammed VI ​ ( m. 2002)​
Issue Crown Prince Moulay Hassan Princess Lalla Khadija

How much is the prince of Morocco worth?

The king has vast business holdings across several economic sectors in Morocco. His net worth has been estimated at between US$2.1 billion and over US$5 billion, and, according to the American business magazine Forbes, he was the richest king in Africa in 2014, and the 5th richest king in the world.

How many wives does the king of Morocco have?

The king has declared that he will have only one wife, and he and his bride were married in an unprecedented public wedding. As both the head of government and religion, Mohammed VI has issued a decree that Moroccan men must limit themselves to two wives, down from the traditional limit of four.

Who is Prince Moulay Rachid of Morocco married to?

On 15 June 2014, he married his second cousin Oum Kalthum Boufarès (born 1987). She is daughter of Moulay El Mamoun Boufarès, former Minister of Interior, and paternal granddaughter of Lalla Khadija (a sister of Mohammed V). On 23 June 2016 their first child, a son, Moulay Ahmed was born.

What did Prince Moulay Rachid do for a living?

Prince Moulay Rachid an amateur of golf and has represented Morocco professionally. In 2000, he founded the Hassan II Golf Trophy Association, which is hosting the Hassan II Golf Trophy. In 2001 Prince Moulay Rachid initiated the Marrakech International Film Festival Foundation (MIFFF) and Marrakech International Film Festival.

How old is Prince Moulay El Hassan of Morocco?

At 16 years old, Prince Moulay El Hassan is making international headlines. Photo: Instagram Register and follow to be notified the next time content from Royalty is published. At 16 years old, Prince Moulay El Hassan is making international headlines. Photo: Instagram

Who is the king and Queen of Morocco?

Prince Moulay Rachid is the second son and fifth child of King Hassan II and his wife, Lalla Latifa Hammou. Prince Moulay Rachid has one older brother, King Mohammed VI, and three sisters, Princess Lalla Meryem, Princess Lalla Asma and Princess Lalla Hasna .