Is there a sequel to Stephen King Cell?

Is there a sequel to Stephen King Cell?

Cell is the second film adaptation of a King story to co-star Cusack and Jackson, after the 2007 film 1408….Cell (film)

Based on Cell by Stephen King
Produced by Richard Saperstein Michael Benaroya Brian Witten Shara Kay

How did Stephen King’s book Cell end?

The book ends with Clay dialing and placing the cell phone to Johnny’s ear.

When did Stephen King’s book Cell come out?

24 January 2006
Cell/Originally published

What happened to Alice in Cell?

Movie info Alice Maxwell was a teenage girl befriended by Clayton Riddell and Tom McCourt after the Pulse in the novel, Cell. The trio traveled through the apocalyptic landscape of the story until her death at the hands of the “sprinter” Gunner, who threw a cinderblock at her, hitting the side of her head.

What does the ending of the movie The Cell mean?

At the end of the movie Cell we see that Clay has turned into a phone zombie and has become part of the zombie flock around the cell tower. We find out that he was unable to destroy the tower and was not happily reunited with his son.

Is the Cell based on a true story?

Luckily, Cell is not a true story. It is, however, based on a novel written by Stephen King — which, if you know anything about the author, you know that it almost might be better if the movie was based on a true story. In King’s novel, “phoners” are “zombie-like” killers that develop psychic abilities.

What does the ending of Cell mean?

Is Stephen King still writing books?

As of 2021, the author has published a total of 96 books, according to These stories range from his classic fiction works to nonfiction books about his writing process. He has also written a few children’s books as well as novels under the pen name Richard Bachman.

What does the ending of the Cell mean?

Who is the raggedy man in Cell?

Joshua Mikel
The Raggedy Man is a zombie and the main antagonist of Stephen King’s novel Cell and the 2016 film adaptation of the same name where he was portrayed by Joshua Mikel. He is one of the zombies which are created due to the virus which is known to the survivors of humanity as “the Pulse.

Does Netflix have Cell?

Watch Cell on Netflix Today!

Is miracle in cell no 7 real?

The movie is based on the real-life story of a man who was tortured and pleaded guilty under duress to the rape and murder of a 9-year-old girl on September 27, 1972 in Chuncheon before being finally exonerated in November 2008.