What are staminate and pistillate flowers examples?

What are staminate and pistillate flowers examples?

Staminate flowers produce pollen grains. Pistillate flowers produce ovules. An example of a staminate flower is Chrysanthemum. An example of a pistillate flower is squash.

What is Staminate flower Class 12?

Staminate flowers are those which have only male propagative organs, or stamens, or have infertile female organs. Flowers produce only pollen (antherozoids) and are not capable of producing fruit. So, the correct answer is ‘Antherozoids’.

What is Staminate flower example?

Eggplant, cucumber, chrysanthemum are examples of plants producing staminate flowers. The flowers, which consists of male reproductive structures or stamens, are called staminate flowers. These flowers lack female organs, such as pistillate.

What is the meaning of staminate flower?

1 : having or producing stamens. 2 of a diclinous flower : having stamens but no pistils.

What is Heterothallic condition difference between staminate and pistillate flowers?

Staminate and pistillate flowers are unisexual flowers. They have only one type of reproductive organ. Accordingly, staminate flowers have only stamens while pistillate flowers have only pistils. That is; the staminate flower lacks pistils while pistillate flower lacks stamens.

Is Papaya a staminate flower?

Papaya is a polygamous plant three basic types of flowers viz. staminate, pistillate and hermaphrodite (bisexual).

What is a unisex flower?

A unisexual flower is defined as a flower that possesses either stamens or carpels. They do not have both stamens and carpels. Bisexual flowers are those flowers which possess both stamens and carpels. Within the same inflorescence, male and female reproductive parts are present. For example, lily, rose etc.

Can a Staminate flower produce seeds?

Can a staminate flower produce seeds? No, the seeds develop from the ovules which are inside the ovary which is part of the pistil. Staminate flowers do not have pistils.

What is Staminode give example?

Sometimes, the staminodes are modified to produce nectar, as in the Witch Hazel (Hamamelis). A spectacular example of staminode is given by Couroupita guianensis, a tropical tree growing in South America also known as cannonball tree.

Is Staminate flower perfect?

A flower that lacks stamens is pistillate, or female, while one that lacks pistils is said to be staminate, or male. A bisexual (or “perfect”) flower has both stamens and carpels, and a unisexual (or “imperfect”) flower either lacks stamens (and is called carpellate) or lacks carpels (and is called staminate).

What are some examples of pistillate flowers?

Examples of pistillate flowers are Chrysanthemum, cucumber, eggplant, squash etc. When the same plant grows flowers of both the sexes, it is called a monoecious plant. Note: The male flowers (Staminate flowers) are obviously unable to produce fruit.

What is the difference between Homothallic and Heterothallic?

Heterothallic fungi require two compatible partners for mating to occur, whereas homothallic fungi are self fertile with a single individual capable of sexual reproduction even in solo culture.