What are two famous people from Virginia?

What are two famous people from Virginia?

More Famous People of Virginia

  • Richard Arlen actor, Charlottesville.
  • Russell Baker columnist, Loudoun Cty.
  • George Bingham painter, Augusta Cty.
  • Willa Cather author, Winchester.
  • William Clark explorer, Caroline Cty.
  • Henry Clay statesman, Hanover Cty.
  • Joseph Cotten actor, Petersburg.
  • Patrick Henry statesman, Hanover Cty.

Who are some famous Virginians?

Historical Virginians

  • George Washington – (1732-1799) America’s first president.
  • Thomas Jefferson – (1743-1826) Wrote the Declaration of Independence.
  • Nathaniel Bacon (1647-1676) led “Bacon’s Rebellion” against British authority in 1676.

What is Virginia famous?

Virginia is known for the Appalachian Trail, oysters, Presidential homes, the Arlington National Cemetery, Dirty Dancing, Wild Ponies, Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, and the Brunswick Stew. Virginia is also famous for Shenandoah National Park and the numerous lakes it houses within its borders.

What black celebrities are from Virginia?

Chris Brown — (1989-present) Tappahannock; Singer-Songwriter, Dancer, Actor. D’Angelo (Michael Archer) — (1974-present) Richmond; American R&B singer, songwriter, and record producer. Four-time Grammy Award Winner (two in 2001, two in 2016). Caressa Cameron — (1987-present) Fredericksburg; 2010 Miss America.

Who is the most famous person from Virginia?

Zachary Taylor U.S. president, Orange Cty.

  • Nat Turner leader of slave uprising, Southhampton Cty.
  • John Tyler U.S. president, Charles City.
  • Booker T.
  • George Washington first U.S. president, Westmoreland.
  • James E. West inventor, Prince Edward Cty.
  • Woodrow Wilson U.S. president, Staunton.
  • Tom Wolfe journalist, Richmond.
  • Who is the most famous person from VA?

    21 Awesome Famous People You May Not Have Realized Are From Virginia

    • Sandra Bullock (actress, producer), Arlington.
    • Rob Lowe (actor), Charlottesville.
    • Ella Fitzgerald (singer, actress), Newport News.
    • Shirley MacLaine (actress, singer, dancer, activist), Richmond/Arlington.

    Who is the most famous person in Virginia?

    What food is Virginia famous for?

    Virginia is known for its southern-style fare including oysters, peanuts, BBQ, country ham, blue crabs, trout, apples, and Brunswick stew. Many recognize these Virginia foods but don’t know the origin or how they became a tradition on our tables.

    Who is the most famous Youtuber from Virginia?

    Famous Virginia YouTubers. Virginia has produced a series of successful YouTubers. These include Mama Dragun, Boogie2988, Carter Sharer, DeStorm Power, Matt Steffanina, and others.

    What celebrities live in Charlottesville?

    Charlottesville Celebrities You Just Might Spot!

    • Sissy Spacek. Acting legend Sissy Spacek lives on a farm in the countryside outside Charlottesville, but you can spot her frequently on the Downtown Mall.
    • John Grisham.
    • Howie Long.
    • Chris Long.
    • Dave Matthews.
    • The Rock.
    • Donna Tartt.
    • Rita Dove.

    Who are important people in Virginia?

    The state of Virginia is also famous for producing several famous celebrities. Singers/songwriters Chris Brown, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland and Jason Mraz are a few famous people from this American state.

    What celebrities live in Virginia?

    Pharrell Williams, George Washington, David Arquette, Grant Gustin & Hilarie Burton are some of the celebrities who hail from Virginia.

    What makes the state of Virginia so famous?

    Virginia is surrounded by several states, namely Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky as well as the American capital Washington D.C. The state is a nature lover’s paradise, thanks to its abundance in flora and fauna. The state of Virginia is also famous for producing several famous celebrities.

    Who was born in the state of Virginia?

    Virginia was the birthplace of more U.S. presidents than any other state: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor and Woodrow Wilson.