What did Larry Page do with his money?

What did Larry Page do with his money?

Larry Page is an entrepreneur whose net worth trajectory began with the creation of Google and continues with many other investments. He and his business partner, Sergey Brin, have written themselves into history by creating the largest search engine. They are now some of the wealthiest people in the world!

How much money does Larry Page have?

Creating Google built a significant amount of wealth. According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, as of October 2021, Page has a net worth of approximately $120.7 billion, making him the sixth-wealthiest person in the world. Page is the co-creator and namesake of PageRank, a search ranking algorithm for Google.

What companies does Larry Page own?

Who is Larry Page?

  • Google founder Page is the owner of the yacht Senses.
  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin co-founded Google.
  • Working from their dorm rooms, they built a search engine.
  • Alphabet realizes more than US$ 110 billion in sales.
  • His net worth is estimated at $92 billion.

What did Larry Page create?

Larry Page, byname of Lawrence Edward Page, (born March 26, 1973, East Lansing, Michigan, U.S.), American computer scientist and entrepreneur who, with Sergey Brin, created the online search engine Google, one of the most popular sites on the Internet.

Is Google owned by Bill Gates?

Bill Gates does not own Google. Famed as the co-founder of Microsoft, Gates has been critical of the search giant over the years, particularly their misguided philanthropic efforts.

Who is the real owner of Google 2020?

Who is the CEO of Google 2020? Sundar Pichai is. Sundar Pichai is an Indian-born American computer scientist and executive who is CEO of both Google, Inc. (2015– ), and its holding company, Alphabet Inc.

Where is Larry Page now?

Opposition politicians raise questions over why billionaire’s application was approved quickly at time when others were being turned away amid pandemic.

Who really owns Google?

Alphabet Inc.
Google/Parent organizations

What does Larry Page do now?

Who owns Google now?

Google/Parent organizations
One co-founder was Sergey Brin. The other is current CEO of Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) – Get Alphabet Inc. Class A Report , the parent company of Google: Larry Page.

What is Bill Gates IQ level?

Stephen Hawking’s IQ – How Yours Compares to His and Other Famous Persons’ IQ

Name (First/Last) Description IQ (SB)
Bill Gates CEO, Microsoft 160
Bill (William) Jefferson Clinton President 137
Blaise Pascal Mathematician & religious philosopher 195
Bobby Fischer Chess player 187

Which car does Bill Gates drive?

Porsche 959
Bill Gates – Porsche 959.