What did Sumerian fishers do?

What did Sumerian fishers do?

Fishers transported their catches to small towns and then cities, bringing fish to markets and temples. Their work might be a form of taxation, but the king had to support them in kind, often with fish.

What was Mesopotamia’s job?

Besides farming, Mesopotamian commoners were carters, brick makers, carpenters, fishermen, soldiers, tradesmen, bakers, stone carvers, potters, weavers and leather workers. Nobles were involved in administration and a city’s bureaucracy and didn’t often work with their hands.

What did the Sumerians do for a living?

Most Sumerians were farmers. But some were craftsmen, teachers, traders, fisherman, and hunters.

Where did Sumerian artisans work?

Many artisans worked exclusively for temples, which sometimes employed thousands of workers in dyeing, weaving and creating garments for the nobility and to clothe the gods in their temples.

What was life like in Sumerian society?

Sumer had a highly organized agricultural system. People lived in the city and left worked in the fields outside the city during the day. The cities themselves were surronded by wall. They had strong defense towers.

What kind of jobs did the Sumerians have?

The most common jobs in Sumerian folk was: craftsman specialization including stone cutters, metal smiths, fisherman, weavers, sailors, bricklayers, farmers, shepherds and leather-workers. They invented the wheel to make their chariots and carts more mobile and to expand their ability to make pottery.

What did the Sumerians do for leisure time?

In the Sumerians leisure time they played games like board games or other games they made up for fun. They also had festivals. At the festivals they played music and danced for hours having fun.

Which is the most important city state of Sumer?

With the emergence of a centralized authority, emerged the city states of Sumer. The City states of Ur, Kish, Lagash, Adab, Nippur, Umma, and Uruk came to be the most distinguished of the Sumerian’s city states.

How did Sumerian society organize its social classes?

Sumerian society was famous in its social class for being organized in groups. The groups were based welth, ownership, work, land and position of hirachy. The groups of social classes where four different also called the “four levels of class”, the different types of classes were: nobles, commoners, clients and slaves.