What does Fortunato do to Montresor to make him so full of revenge?

What does Fortunato do to Montresor to make him so full of revenge?

Montresor believes that it is essential to avoid being punished while enacting revenge upon a person. As the story progresses, Montresor deceives Fortunato by acting amiably toward him before leading him down into his family’s catacombs, where Montresor shackles and buries Fortunato alive.

What makes revenge unsuccessful for Montresor?

Montresor’s revenge scheme is unsuccessful because it does not ultimately fulfill either of his two rules of revenge: “I must not only punish, but punish with impunity” and “the avenger [must] make himself felt as such to him who has done the wrong” (Poe 848).

Why does Montresor want revenge on his Fortunato?

Montresor sought revenge on Fortunato because he had hurt Montresor for years, and now he has insulted him, and it has come to the final straw. He states he has a famous bottle of Amontillado, and wants him to look at it, so he gets Fortunato drunk enough to go down into the catacombs where Montresor can kill him.

What is Fortunato’s weakness?

In “The Cask of Amontillado,” Fortunato’s weakness is his pride in his connoisseurship of wine. It is this weakness that Montresor exploits in order to lure Fortunato to his death.

Does Montresor regret killing Fortunato?

Does Montresor regret killing Fortunato? Montresor does not regret killing Fortunato. On the contrary, even fifty years after he committed the deed, Montresor still thinks he was perfectly justified in murdering Fortunato.

What does Montresor do to his revenge?

Montresor carefully plans his revenge by behaving amiably towards Fortunato and treating him kindly in order to avoid suspicion and earn his trust. Montresor also offers Fortunato several different types of wine while in the vaults, which further inebriates his victim.

Does Montresor expect to pay for his revenge on Fortunato?

Montresor sought revenge on Fortunato because F in insulted M but we never find out what he actually said. Montresor makes Fortunato drink a lot of wine so that he doesn’t suspect anything to be going on, because his in drunk. It makes it easier for Montresor to get his revenge.

Why was Montresor jealous of Fortunato?

Granted, Montresor was jealous of Fortunato, because Fortunato was still rich and respected. But, the last straw was Fortuanato’s insult, probably committed unknowingly, that prompted Montresor’s revenge.

What is Montresor’s weakness?

Expert Answers The way that Montresor lures Fortunado down into the catacombs is by playing on his fondness for wine, and for thinking himself an expert in wine-tasting. Montresor states, right at the beginning, “He had a weak point—this Fortunato—… He prided himself on his connoisseur-ship in wine.”

What were Fortunato’s last words?

“For the love of God, Montresor!” In “The Cask of Amontillado,” Fortunato addresses this plea—his last spoken words—to Montresor, the man who has entombed him alive.

Why does Montresor regret killing Fortunato?

Why did Montresor wait 50 years?

In “The Cask of Amontillado,” Montresor waits fifty years before confessing to his horrendous crime in order to avoid punishment for murdering Fortunato. Montresor is adamant about not being caught or arrested, which is why he refrains from telling anyone about his crime for such a long time.