What does Huka mean?

What does Huka mean?

English Translation. sugar. More meanings for huka. sugar noun.

What is the definition of Mauri?

Mauri is an energy which binds and animates all things in the physical world. Without mauri, mana cannot flow into a person or object.

What does AWA mean in Māori?

English Translation. river. More meanings for awa. river noun.

How was Huka Falls created?

Huka Falls are created by water that has flowed through a wide riverbed around 100 metres wide and four metres deep, that is then confined to a narrow river section about 15 metres in width and 10 metres deep. At the top of the falls is a set of small waterfalls dropping over about eight metres.

What is the meaning of palliation?

Listen to pronunciation. (PA-lee-AY-shun) Relief of symptoms and suffering caused by cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Palliation helps a patient feel more comfortable and improves the quality of life, but does not cure the disease.

Why is Mauri important?

Mauri holds a central place in informing Māori, how and why our lives take the form they do. It imbues Māori thinking, knowledge, culture and language with a unique cultural heartbeat and rhythm. interpretations of three ‘states of being’ of mauri, with their bodies of knowledge and explanations.

What does mana and tapu mean?

Tapu is closely linked to the Māori concept of mana (respect / authority) and many view tapu as the mana derived from the gods. In early Māori society, almost every activity, ceremonial or otherwise, was connected to the maintenance and enhancement of mana and tapu.

What does Kei te pai?

Whenever you hear someone ask ‘kei te pēhea koe’, you can answer ‘kei te pai’ (fine/good) or ‘tino pai’ (really good).

What does Nga mihi maioha?

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What is my Te Awa?

Te Awa is the name of our whānau on our mother’s side. Te Awa means ‘the river’ – this metaphor is used in our resources.

How can I watch Moana in Māori?

Moana fans can now watch the te reo Māori version of the film on the streaming service Disney+, three years after it featured in cinemas across New Zealand.