What does Nephro mean in medical terms?

What does Nephro mean in medical terms?

The word “nephro-” also means “of a kidney; relating to the kidneys” and is derived from the Greek word nephros meaning kidney. They recommended that the term ‘kidney’ should be used preferentially when describing kidney disease and kidney function.

What does Mammo mean in medical terms?

(mam’ŏ), The breasts.

What does Para mean in medical terms?

Para- (prefix): A prefix with many meanings, including: alongside of, beside, near, resembling, beyond, apart from, and abnormal. For example, the parathyroid glands are called “para-thyroid” because they are adjacent to the thyroid. For another example, paraumbilical means alongside the umbilicus (the belly button).

What does hemostatic mean in medical terms?

Definition. Hemostasis is the mechanism that leads to cessation of bleeding from a blood vessel. It is a process that involves multiple interlinked steps. This cascade culminates into the formation of a “plug” that closes up the damaged site of the blood vessel controlling the bleeding.

What Cysto means?

The combining form cysto- is used like a suffix meaning “cyst,” which is a scientific term for a bladder, sac, or vesicle. It is often used in scientific terms, especially in biology and pathology. The form cysto- comes from Greek kýstis, meaning “bag,” “pouch,” or “bladder.”

What is the root word for kidney?

Nephro- comes from the Greek nephrós, meaning “kidney, kidneys.” The Latin word for kidney is rēnēs, yielding such English words as renal.

Do men get mammograms?

Mammograms are not routinely offered to men and may be difficult to perform if there is a small amount of breast tissue. A doctor may recommend screening mammography for men with a genetic mutation that increases the risk of developing the disease (see Risk Factors).

What is the meaning of Mamm?

: madam —used without a name as a form of respectful or polite address to a woman Thank you, ma’am.” Yes, ma’am.

What is the full meaning of para?

(pærə ) Word forms: plural paras. Para. is a written abbreviation for paragraph.

What mean by para in Gynaecology?

Parity, or “para”, indicates the number deliveries (including live births and stillbirths) where pregnancies reached viable gestational age. The number of fetuses does not determine the parity, a twin pregnancy carried to viable gestational age is counted as 1.

What means Vulnerary?

Vulnerary: (Plural = vulneraries). A remedy used in healing or treating wounds. Any preparation, plant or drug used in the cure of wounds. For example, Native Americans used the herb echinacea as a vulnerary for burns, snakebites, arrow and other wounds. It was considered something of a panacea.

What is the root word of hemostatic?

Hemostasis: The stoppage of bleeding or hemorrhage. Also, the stoppage of blood flow through a blood vessel or organ of the body. The term comes from the Greek roots heme, blood + stasis, halt = halt of the blood.