What does the PLO stand for?

What does the PLO stand for?

The Palestine Liberation Organization
The Palestine Liberation Organization, or PLO, was first founded in 1964 during a summit in Cairo, Egypt.

What was the purpose of the Palestine Liberation Organization PLO quizlet?

A political and military organization formed in 1964 to unite various Palestinian Arab groups and ultimately to bring about an independent state of Palestine.

What is the PLO and who was its leader?

Yasser Arafat was appointed leader of the PLO on 4 February 1969 at the meeting of the Palestinian National Council (PNC) in Cairo. He continued to be PLO leader (sometimes called Chairman, sometimes President) for 35 years, until his death on 11 November 2004.

Who started the PLO?

Arab League
Ahmad Shukeiri
Palestine Liberation Organization/Founders

What does PLO mean in school?

Appendix 3 – Program Learning Outcomes (PLO’s) Rubric ……………………… 17.

What does PLO stand for in military?

Palestine Liberation Army
Ideology Palestinian nationalism Anti-Zionism
Size 6,000 (2017)
Allies As-Sa’iqa PFLP-GC Fatah al-Intifada Liwa al-Quds Syrian Army Hezbollah
Opponents Israel Defense Forces (1956, 1982) Jordan (1970–71) PLO (1976) Free Syrian Army (2011-) Al-Nusra Front Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

Why was the PLO originally created unit test?

Why was the PLO originally created? To represent the interests of Palestinians.

What was the result of the 1967 Six Day War quizlet?

The Israelis attacked first & Egypt was decisively beaten. The Gaza Strip & Sinai Peninsula are from Egypt. The West Bank are from Jordon & the Golan Heights are from Syria. Israel occupied the West Bank , Golan Height , East Jerusalem & annexed the Gaza Strip.

Who is the PM of Palestine?

Mohammad ShtayyehSince 2019
Palestine/Prime minister

Who was the first leader of Palestine?

President of the State of Palestine

President of the Country of Palestine 𓂆
Term length 4 years Renewable
Formation 2 April 1989
First holder Yasser Arafat
Salary 120,000 USD annually

Does Palestine have army?

Background. The State of Palestine has no land army, nor an air force or a navy. The Palestinian Security Services (PSS, not to confuse with Preventive Security Service) do not dispose over heavy weapons and advanced military equipment like tanks.

Why did Israel invade Lebanon in 1982 Brainly?

In June 1982, Israel invaded South Lebanon in the midst of the Lebanese Civil War, purportedly in retaliation for the attempted assassination of the Israeli Ambassador to England.