What happened Rebecca Stevenson?

What happened Rebecca Stevenson?

Rebecca currently works as a meteorologist at KING 5 Media Group in Seattle, Washington. Before joining KING 5, she worked as a communication Specialist and meteorologist for three years at Tribune Media in Seattle, Washington. She rejoined KING 5, in 2019.

What happened to Claire Anderson?

Claire Anderson started working at KIRO 7 as Weekend Meteorologist in April 2018. Her most recent stop before Seattle was in Portland, OR where she started working at KOIN as Weekend Meteorologist, filled in as Evening Weekday Meteorologist for 6 months then became the Weekday Morning Meteorologist.

What happened to King 5 Weather lady?

In February 2009, O’Donnell was laid off from KING 5 after massive cuts at that station, including her position on sister station KONG 6/16, and returned to KOMO 4 as a freelance weekend weather anchor. She is now the chief meteorologist at KOMO 4.

What happened Jordan Wilkerson?

The NAVY brought my husband and me to WA in 2010. We left after almost five years, went to Charleston for a few and then came back here in 2017 for my husband’s final tour. He retires this summer!

Who is the new weather girl on KOMO?

Abby Acone is an American meteorologist and weather reporter currently working at KOMO since she joined the team in December 2018….Quick Facts About Abby Acone.

Full Name Abby Acone
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million

Who is Abby Acone?

Abby Acone is an American Meteorologist currently serving as a weather reporter and anchor for KOMO-TV in Seattle, Washington DC. Acone also served as a morning and midday meteorologist for KRDO ABC news 13 in Colorado Springs for close to five years.

What happened to Rich Marriott KING 5?

Rich Marriott Retirement He still works as the morning meteorologist at KING 5. He has not yet issued any statement about his retirement.

How much do KING 5 news anchors make?

King 5 Television Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:News Anchor Range:$34k – $117k (Estimated *) Average:$57,517
Account Manager Range:$46k – $82k (Estimated *) Average:$62,042
Digital Producer Range:$37k – $66k (Estimated *) Average:$49,462
News Producer Range:$49k – $81k (Estimated *) Average:$63,371

Who is Jordan Wilkerson?

Wilkerson earned a communications degree in 2014 and now works as a weather anchor at Seattle’s KING 5. Wilkerson came to the Pacific Northwest from Florida in 2010. Her then boyfriend (they’ve since married) was in the Navy and had been assigned to Naval Base Kitsap.

What does KOMO News Stand For?

ABC (secondary, 1958–1959) Call sign meaning. Derived from former sister station KOMO. Technical information. Licensing authority.

Who left KOMO 4 news?

Mike Ferreri farewell: A look back at his 21 years with KOMO News covering sports. SEATTLE — Mike Ferreri’s 21-year career with KOMO News ended Friday as the station’s sports director signed off for the station to pursue new challenges.

Who is KOMO Weathergirl?

Shannon O’Donnell Profile Shannon O’Donnell is an American Meteorologist who is currently the chief meteorologist at KOMO 4. She joined the KOMO4 Forecast Team in 2009. O’Donnell covers the weather for Western Washington on the weekday evening shows for KOMO4 News & KOMO Newsradio.