What happens in The Wind in the Willows?

What happens in The Wind in the Willows?

The tales relate the adventures of several animal friends and neighbours in the English countryside—primarily Mole, Rat, Toad, and Badger. There he comes across his friend Rat, a water rat, and they spend the spring and summer together. One day they visit the irrepressible, generous, and boastful Mr.

What happens in chapter 9 of Wind in the Willows?

Summer finds Rat restless as the birds head south and field mice begin to prepare for winter. The call to adventure, “that chord hitherto dormant and unsuspected,” grows within Rat as other animals talk of the anticipation of their journeys. Rat encounters a wayfarer, the Sea Rat, and invites him to lunch.

What happened in Chapter 7 of the Wind and the Willows?

Portly, the young otter, has wandered away, and the family’s concern is growing. Rat and Mole are distressed and decide to search for Portly. As they travel the river, Rat begins to hear piping music in the distance, “so beautiful and strange and new.” Finally Mole hears it too.

Why did Toad jump off the train?

The jailed Toad is in utter despair when the gaoler’s daughter takes pity on him. When police pursue in another engine, Toad confesses to the engine driver, who again takes pity on Toad. The driver tells Toad to jump off the train as they leave the tunnel. Toad does so and finds himself free but lost in the woods.

What did the Gypsy want from toad?

Down the road he encounters a gypsy cooking stew, and the gypsy offers to buy the horse. Toad sells it for money and breakfast and then heads for home, once again singing his own praises.

What was included in the news that rat told toad about?

Outwardly Toad assures his friend he has had enough adventure. Rat is surprised to learn that Toad has not heard the bad news about Toad Hall being taken over by the Wild Wooders. Toad cries. Rat explains that the river-bankers took Toad’s side, while the Wild Wooders maintained Toad got what he deserved.

How did Toad trick rat into leaving the room so that he could escape?

How did Toad trick Rat into leaving so that he could escape the room? He asked for him to get a lawyer. He pretended he was sick. What did Toad do after he escaped his friends?

Who is portly in Wind in the Willows?


Character Description
Portly Portly is the otter baby who gets lost and is protected by Pan.
Sea Rat The Sea Rat is an adventurer who nearly lures Rat to leave his home with his enticing tales.
Stoats Along with the weasels, the stoats commandeer Toad Hall during Toad’s imprisonment.

Is Wind in the Willows an allegory?

Perhaps most of all, The Wind in the Willows is an allegorical self-portrait: all the main characters can be seen as facets of Grahame – the Banker seduced by the warm south, the outsider trying to become an insider, the man among men who loved messing about in boats, and male rather than female company.

Who was Mr clerk what was his opinion on the crime committed by Mr Toad?

Ans: Mr Clerk was a member of the court of law. He thought that Mr. Toad had committed three very serious crimes— stealing a motorcar, driving dangerously and cheeking the police.

What is the theme of The Wind in the Willows?

Adventure. Adventure is a major theme in the novel “The Wind in the Willows” by Kenneth Grahame. Adventures –exciting, unusual, and/or risky experiences and undertakings –populate the entire novel. Each of the animals in the novel has some form of adventure or other, including Mole and Rat.