What happens to doodle at the end of the story and why?

What happens to doodle at the end of the story and why?

What happened to doodle at the end of the story? Doodle dies at the end of the story. It is because his brother pushes him beyond his capacities and his fragile body and weak heart give up.

What clues to the story’s ending are revealed with the use of the past tense and the comment about the tombstone?

Specific clues that are in the past tense, and add to the ending of the story, include the narrator, Brother, saying things such as “Doodle was just about the craziest brother a boy ever had.” If Brother is narrating the story and speaking about his brother in the past tense, then Doodle must be gone.

What does the narrator do to doodle at the end of the story?

Doodle dies at the end of “The Scarlet Ibis” as a result of his brother’s pride. The narrator pushes his brother to walk and run so that he can keep up with the other school boys. The rain emphasizes the mood of sadness when Doodle dies.

Which part of the story foreshadows Doodle’s demise?

Guilt is an important theme so look for that. In the story, the death of Doodle, the narrator’s brother, is foreshadowed very soon before it happens. It is foreshadowed in the death of the bird — the scarlet ibis that gives the story its title. The scarlet ibis has landed in the “bleeding tree” in the narrator’s yard.

What might be the significance of Doodle’s nickname?

“Doodle” is the nickname (given to him by his older brother) because his real name (William Armstrong) was too formal a name. The nickname “Doodle” came about because when he was little he used to crawl backward, making him look just like a doodlebug. The graveyard flowers softly speak (whisper) the names of the dead.

Why did Doodle walk closely behind his brother at the end of the story?

Expert Answers The narrator of The Scarlet Ibis and his brother Doodle are close both because of and in spite of Doodle’s condition. When Doodle is born, the narrator is disappointed because he “wanted more than anything else someone to race to Horsehead Landing, someone to box with, and someone to perch…

How is the narrator both kind and cruel to doodle?

The narrator, known only as “Brother,” is cruel to Doodle in various ways. He wheels Doodle around much too fast and Doodle falls out of the little cart. He takes Doodle up to see the coffin that was meant to be his. He also pushes Doodle beyond Doodle’s limits purely out of pride.

Why is Doodle compared to the Ibis?

Doodle is comparable to the scarlet ibis. He is very clumsy, and looked down upon by his family. They believed that he was not going to live. He is shown through the scarlet ibis because the bird is also very weak, like Doodle.

Why does the narrator cry when everyone congratulates him?

Why does the narrator cry when everyone congratulates him? The narrator is crying because he is proud that Doodle can walk, and that he was the one who helped him how to walk.

How did Brother feel after Doodle’s death?

Brother is likely to feel responsible for Doodle’s death and feel guilt that his last act while Doodle was alive was running away from him during a storm in frustration at his realization that Doodle was never going to be like the other boys at school.

What quotes foreshadow Doodle’s death?

Even death did not mar its grace, for it lay on the earth like a broken vase of red flowers, and we stood around it, awed by its exotic beauty.” The dying bird foreshadows Doodle’s death. There are many similarities between the bird and Doodle.

Why does Doodle take such pains to bury the bird?

Doodle probably sees his own reflection in the bird, and he feels a great deal of compassion for the dead bird. That would explain why Doodle is so adamant that he properly bury the bird.