What hospital was Carry on Doctor filmed?

What hospital was Carry on Doctor filmed?

Carry On Doctor | 1967 The disappointingly named ‘Borough County Hospital’ (they hadn’t got the whole silly name thing down yet) is Maidenhead Town Hall, St Ives Road in Maidenhead, a town on the River Thames, in Berkshire, west of London – and, importantly, not far from Pinewood Studios.

Who played Dr nookie?

Ooh Matron, what a Carry On: Almost 80 and still tickling audiences, Jim Dale on Kenneth Williams’ cruel streak, and the day Dr Nookey came a real life cropper. Actor Jim Dale is casting around for a word that illustrates the gulf between British and American humour.

Who was the girl in the bath in Carry on Doctor?

Jennifer White
Carry on Doctor (1967) – Jennifer White as Nurse in Bath – IMDb.

What year was Carry on Doctor made?

March 1968
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Where was Carry On Matron filmed?

Exteriors: Heatherwood Hospital, Ascot, Berkshire. The White House, Denham, Buckinghamshire. St Mary’s Church, Denham, Buckinghamshire.

Who married Jim Dale?

Julia Schaflerm. 1980
Patricia Dalem. 1957–1977
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Where is Jim Dale now?

Jim has lived in New York City for 35 years, winning countless awards for his work and has enjoyed dual US-UK nationality for six years.

How old is Jim Dale?

86 years (15 August 1935)
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What year was carry on DR made?

What was the last Carry On film called?

Carry On Behind
Carry On Behind was the last film of the series to star Bernard Bresslaw and Patsy Rowlands. Filming began in March 1975 and lasted a month. Behind went on general release in December 1975.

Who said Ooh Matron?

A catchphrase of Kenneth Williams’ characters in the Carry On film series, said in response to comments from Hattie Jacques’ hospital matron characters.

How old is Jim Dale now?