What hurricane was in August 2008?

What hurricane was in August 2008?

Hurricane Hernan became the first major hurricane of 2008 in the Pacific Ocean on August 9 when its max winds reached 194 km/h (121 mph or 105 knots).

What hurricane happened in 2007?

Hurricane Humberto was the only hurricane to strike the mainland U.S. in 2007, rapidly intensifying to hurricane status in the early morning hours of September 13. One death is blamed on this storm.

Was there a hurricane in 2009?

The 2009 Atlantic hurricane season was a below-average Atlantic hurricane season that produced eleven tropical cyclones, nine named storms, three hurricanes, and two major hurricanes. The most intense hurricane, Bill, was a powerful Cape Verde-type hurricane that affected areas from the Leeward Islands to Newfoundland.

What hurricane hit the US in 2005?

Hurricane Katrina
The 2005 season was the most destructive for United States landfalling storms, largely due to Hurricane Katrina. Damage estimates for the 2005 season are over $100 billion dollars. Five named storms formed (Cindy, Dennis, Emily, Franklin, and Gert).

When was the hurricane in 2008?

Tropical Storm Arthur formed two days early on May 30, 2008. During the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season there was a total of sixteen named storms: 16 tropical storms, 8 hurricanes and 5 major hurricanes….Hurricane Ike.

Category 4 hurricane
Peak intensity 145 mph (230 km/h) (1-min) 935 mbar (hPa)

How many hurricanes were in 2009?

The 2009 North Atlantic hurricane season had nine named storms, three hurricanes, and two major hurricanes. This is the fewest number of hurricanes for a North Atlantic season since 1997. An average season has 11 named storms, six hurricanes, and two major hurricanes.

What are the names of all the Hurricanes?

The other names used for hurricanes that year were Ernesto, Gordon, Isaac, Kirk, Leslie, Michael, Nadine, Rafael and Sandy.

How many hurricanes have hit Louisiana?

Louisiana was hit by 49 of the 273 hurricanes that made landfall on the American Atlantic Coast between 1851 and 2004. In addition, eighteen of the ninety-two major hurricanes with Saffir-Simpson ratings of category 3 or above have struck the state (U.S. mainland hurricane strikes by state, 1851-2004).

What are some tropical storm names?

There are different names by which tropical cyclones are referred to depending upon their location as well as their strength or intensity. More common names are hurricane, tropical depression, typhoon, cyclone and cyclonic storm.