What is a good sentence for peasant?

What is a good sentence for peasant?

1 He is the happiest,be he King or peasant, who finds peace in his home. 2 The prince masqueraded as a peasant. 3 The president was disguised as a peasant. 4 The old peasant was puffing at his pipe.

What is an example of peasant?

An example of a peasant is a person who grows vegetables for a living. An example of a peasant is someone who constantly uses foul language. A member of the class constituted by small farmers and tenants, sharecroppers, and laborers on the land where they form the main labor force in agriculture.

What peasant means?

1 : a member of a European class of persons tilling the soil as small landowners or as laborers This land was farmed by peasants for centuries. also : a member of a similar class elsewhere. 2 : a usually uneducated person of low social status They treated us like a bunch of peasants.

What is the role of peasants?

In the Middle Ages, the majority of the population lived in the countryside, and some 85 percent of the population could be described as peasants. Peasants worked the land to yield food, fuel, wool and other resources. They were obliged both to grow their own food and to labour for the landowner.

How do you use consumption in a sentence?

Consumption sentence example

  1. There was a rising worldwide consumption of consumer goods.
  2. The export trade, however, is decreasing considerably, while the home consumption is increasing.
  3. He died of consumption on the 25th of September 1 777.

How do you use risk in a sentence?

Risk sentence example

  1. I take a risk every time I go out.
  2. Death is a part of the risk we take.
  3. I wanted a wife and children, but I didn’t want to risk losing them because of the ranch.
  4. I don’t want to risk hurting you.
  5. I guess a walk in the cool evening isn’t worth the risk of being eaten up by beasts is it?

Is the word peasant offensive?

In a colloquial sense, “peasant” often has a pejorative meaning that is therefore seen as insulting and controversial in some circles, even when referring to farm laborers in the developing world. In general English-language literature, the use of the word “peasant” has steadily declined since about 1970.

Who are called peasants?

Peasant, any member of a class of persons who till the soil as small landowners or as agricultural labourers. The term peasant originally referred to small-scale agriculturalists in Europe in historic times, but many other societies, both past and present, have had a peasant class.

What does it mean by peasant woman?

n. a a member of a class of low social status that depends on either cottage industry or agricultural labour as a means of subsistence. b (as modifier) peasant dress. 2 Informal a person who lives in the country; rustic.

What are examples of consumption?

An example of consumption is when many members of the population go shopping. An example of consumption is eating a snack and some cookies. An example of consumption is when a person consumes 2 bushels vegetables per day. The act of consuming something.