What is ACSR and where it is used?

What is ACSR and where it is used?

ACSR conductor or aluminum conductor steel reinforced is used as bare overhead transmission and as primary and secondary disribution cable. ACSR is suitable for use in all practical spans on wood poles, transmission towers, and other structures because of its dependability and strength to weight ratio.

What is the advantage of this type of conductor?

The ACSR conductors are mainly used in distribution and transmission lines due to their high tensile strength, economical design, less weight, suitable for medium and long periods with fewer supports, and good properties of sag and high voltage overhead lines.

How many types of ACSR are there?

Types of ACSR Conductors:

Sr. No. Types of ACSR Conductors
#1. All Aluminum Conductor – AAC
#2. Aluminum Conductor Aluminum Reinforce – ACAR
#3. All Aluminum Alloy Conductors – AAAC
#4. Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced – ACSR

What does ACSR mean?

Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced
The term ACSR stands for “Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced is a stranded conductor including a number of aluminum wire layers on stimulated steel wire core.

How is ACSR made?

Bekaert’s wires or strands for ACSR conductors are made from galvanized, high carbon, steel wire. They are suitable for reinforcing overhead power conductors. The wire is used as either single-center wire or processed into a multiple wire strand. This composition produces light, long-lasting ACSR conductors.

What is the disadvantage s of ACSR?

The major disadvantages ACSR/SD are: There most likely will be increased installation and clipping costs due to special hardware requirements and specialized stringing methods. The conductor design always requires the use of a steel core even in light loading areas.

What is the advantage of ACSR over AAC?

The advantages of ACSR over AAC (all aluminium conductor) are: So the sag of the conductor is less. The conductor breakdown chances reduces. The thermal coefficient of steel is less compared to that of aluminium.

What makes an ACSR conductor a good conductor?

ACSR conductors are filled with steel material inside. The high strength ACSR conductors are applicable for overhead earth wires, installations relating extra-long spans & river crossings. These are manufactured with different tensile strengths.

Which is part of ACSR can be recognized through its stranding?

The part of an ACSR can be recognized through its stranding. In energy transmission, copper conductors are used in many years back, but at present, AI conductors have replaced these copper conductors due to some reasons like not expensive as compared with copper, high diameter, etc.

What are the advantages of a AAAC conductor?

The core of the conductor includes the number of strands. The main benefit of this conductor is that all strands in the conductor are identical, thus allowing the conductor design with the best electrical & mechanical characteristics. This AAAC conductor construction is similar to AAC excluding the alloy.