What is an example of incidental?

What is an example of incidental?

The definition of incidental is an unintended consequence of something, or a related but unimportant part. Destruction of the forests is an example of an incidental or unintended consequence of population growth. Paperwork is an example of an incidental part of the job of an airline pilot.

Whats the meaning of lossy?

1 : involving or causing some loss of data Lossy compression is a way of getting even smaller squeezed files than lossless. This technology strips out data it has been programmed to regard as either unnecessary or redundant.—

What does the word incidentals mean?

1 incidentals plural : minor items (as of expense) that are not particularized. 2 : something that is incidental. Synonyms & Antonyms Incidental vs. Accidental More Example Sentences Learn More About incidental.

What does it mean if something is generic?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : relating to or characteristic of a whole group or class : general “Romantic comedy” is the generic term for such films. b : not being or having a particular brand name generic drugs. c : having no particularly distinctive quality or application generic restaurants.

What are examples of incidental expenses?

The term incidental expenses typically includes:

  • Fees and tips given to porters, baggage carriers, bellhops/hotel maids.
  • Transportation between places of lodging (or business) and places where meal is taken.
  • Mailing costs associated with payment of employer-sponsored charge card billings.

What does incidental costs mean?

Incidental expenses, also known as incidentals, are gratuities and other minor fees or costs incurred in addition to the main service, item, or event paid for during business activities. Incidental expenses ancillary to the costs of transportation, meals, and lodging are common when an employee travels for business.

Is Lousy a bad word?

The slang word lousy is the perfect way to describe something particularly awful or rotten. When you’re sick, you feel lousy, and when someone is mean or rude, they treat you in a lousy way. The original, literal meaning of lousy is “infested with lice,” those creepy crawly parasites that hang out on people’s scalps.

What does lex loci mean in English?

law of
A Latin term meaning the “law of [the] place”. The principle that the law of the place giving rise to particular rights is the law that governs the rights of parties to a legal proceeding.

What does incidental benefit mean?

What is an Incidental Benefit? A benefit is considered more than incidental if, as a result of a distribution from a donor advised fund, such person receives a benefit that would have reduced or eliminated a charitable contribution deduction if the benefit was received as part of the transaction.

What does incidental mean in law?

Related Definitions Incidental to means occurring in, or associated with, the normal, typical, or customary operations of the particular trade or business under consideration.

Is Generic an insult?

It’s definitely slang. The definitions in urbandictionary aren’t really to be trusted, they’re more focussed on insulting ‘townies’ than describing them.

What is iteration similar to?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for iteration, like: repetition, redundancy, monotony, reiteration, restatement, looping, loop, emphasis, fft, millisecond and vertex.