What is command control communications and computers?

What is command control communications and computers?

The Command, Control, Communication, and Computers (C4) Branch identifies, experiments with, and analyzes new communication and information system technologies for the warfighter. It is focused on increasing command and control capabilities from the squad to the MAGTF-level.

What is command control and intelligence?

Description: A program that focuses on the principles and techniques of intelligence acquisition, analysis and exploitation.

What are command and control systems?

A command and control system is the arrangement of personnel, information management, procedures, and equipment and facilities essential for the commander to conduct operations.

What is C4I C2 systems?

BOX 1.1 DOD Definitions of Terms: Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) Command and control (C2)—The exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated commander over assigned and attached forces in the accomplishment of the mission.

What are the basic elements of command and control?

The basic elements of our command and control system are people, information, and the command and control support structure.

What is the difference between command & control?

Command: The exercise of authority based upon certain knowledge to attain an objective. Control: The process of verifying and correcting activity such that the objective or goal of command is accomplished.

What is the relationship between command and control?

What is an example of command and control system?

Some forms of command and control are primarily procedural or technical in nature—such as the control of air traffic and air space, the coordination of supporting arms, or the fire control of a weapons system.

What are the elements of command and control?

The elements of command are authority, responsibility, decision making, and leadership. The elements of control are direction, feedback, information, and communication. Competence. Mutual trust.

What is C2 in cyber security?

Command and Control Infrastructure, also known as C2 or C&C, is the set of tools and techniques that attackers use to maintain communication with compromised devices following initial exploitation.

What is the most important component of the command and control system?

Planning, whether rapid/time-sensitive or deliberate, which determines aims and objectives, develops concepts of operations, allocates resources, and provides for necessary coordination, is an important element of command and control.

What is a C2 connection?

Command-and-control servers, also called C&C or C2, are used by attackers to maintain communications with compromised systems within a target network. If the target’s network has liberal outbound or egress firewall rules, the malware will establish a communication channel with the command-and-control network.