What is Emma from every witch way name?

What is Emma from every witch way name?

Main. Emma Alonso (Paola Andino): A new student at Iridium High, Emma is the main character of the series, and also a witch. She’s the Chosen One, the most powerful witch, and her guardian is Lily, the school nurse.

How old is Emma Alonso?

age 17

Emma Alonso
Birthdate c.1999 (age 17)
Resides In Miami, Florida
Occupation Witch The Chosen One
School Iridium High

How tall is Emma Alonso?


Emma Alonso
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5’3

How old is Emma Alonso in Season 1?

Emma Alonso
Birthdate April,8th 1999 (age 21)
Resides In Miami, FL
Occupation Chosen One Student
School Iridium High

Does Emma end up with Jax or Daniel?

Eventually near the end, Jax revealed to Emma that he believed they belong together, but also told her that soon she had to make a decision on who she truly wanted to be with. At the end of New Witch Order, Emma chose Jax over Daniel and the transported to the pool where they share a kiss and are finally back together.

What happened Paola Andino?

What is Paola Andino up to now? After Every Witch Way, Paola went on to reprise her role as Emma in the series’ spinoff show, WITS Academy. She also appeared in the series Queen Of The South and Talia in the Kitchen. She is also set to star in the upcoming film, Sno Babies.

Is Emma the chosen one?

After standing up to the Witches Council, Emma has finally embraced all that comes with being the Chosen One and she’s not backing down.

Did Emma end up with Jax or Daniel?

What episode do Jax and Emma kiss?

Emma broke up with Jax in The Abyss. Emma and Jax had their first kiss in About a Wizard. Jax asked Emma numerous times for help in Season 3. He tries his best to help and protect Emma in Season 3.

Why did Emma and Daniel breakup?

On the Season 1 finale, The Chosen One, they kiss and officially start dating. In Season 2, Daniel breaks up with Emma when he finds out she has her powers back. Emma not wanting Daniel to know, so their relationship isn’t rocky. In The Abyss, Jax and Emma break up while Emma and Daniel’s kiss then get back together.

Are Paola Andino and Daniela Nieves friends?

She is best friends with Paola Andino, Denisea Wilson and Tyler Alvarez in real life.

What ethnicity is Paola Andino?

Biography. Andino was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, and moved to Dallas, Texas, at the age of three with her parents and brother.

Who is the Evil Emma in Every Witch Way?

Evil Emma- Evil Emma is shown to have the same appearance as the Original Emma, olvied toned skin, long brown hair, and brown eyes. She wears dark red lipstick, which shows she’s an evil clone of Emma. She wears a black leather jacket, that that was given to her by Jax Novoa and usually dresses the same as the real Emma.

How old is Emma Alonso from Every Witch Way?

Emma is very girly and loves to scrapbook. She loves glitter and her best friend (sidekick) Andi Cruz too. 14-year-old Emma Alonso moves with her father Francisco to the suburbs of Miami , Florida, where she learns that she is the “Chosen One”, a witch who is said to have great powers and abilities.

Who are the main characters in Every Witch Way?

Emma Elizabeth Alonso is the main protagonist of Every Witch Way . Emma was portrayed by Paola Andino . Emma Alonso is the American counterpart of Grachi Alonso; the protagonist of the previous show, Grachi .

Who is the actress who plays Emma on the Bachelor?

Emma was portrayed by Paola Andino . Emma Alonso is the American counterpart of Grachi Alonso; the protagonist of the previous show, Grachi .