What is the adverb of Urge?

What is the adverb of Urge?

With great haste, with a sense of urgency, because it is very important. Continuously. With insistence.

What is the adjective from the noun urgency?

adjective. adjective. /ˈərdʒənt/ 1that needs to be dealt with or happen immediately synonym pressing an urgent appeal for information a problem that requires urgent attention “Can I see you for a moment?” “Is it urgent?” Mark the message “urgent,” please.

What is the noun of Urged?

noun. /ɜːdʒ/ /ɜːrdʒ/ ​a strong desire to do something.

What mean by urging?

verb. (tr) to plead, press, or move (someone to do something)we urged him to surrender. (tr; may take a clause as object) to advocate or recommend earnestly and persistently; plead or insist onto urge the need for safety. (tr) to impel, drive, or hasten onwardshe urged the horses on.

What type of verb is urge?

As a noun, urge means a desire. As a verb, it means to strongly encourage. Urge is related to the word, urgent, or ‘pressing. ‘ An urge is a pressing want, one that is almost a compulsion, like when you’re so frustrated, you have the urge to scream.

What is another word for urge verb?

OTHER WORDS FOR urge 4 incite, goad, stimulate, spur. 7 aver, asseverate.

Is urgency a verb or noun?

noun, plural ur·gen·cies. urgent character; imperativeness; insistence; importunateness.

What is the verb of urgent?

urge. (transitive) To press; to push; to drive; to impel; to force onward. (transitive) To press the mind or will of; to ply with motives, arguments, persuasion, or importunity.

What is the noun form of the verb reduce?

reduction. The act, process, or result of reducing. The amount or rate by which something is reduced, e.g. in price.

What is another word for urging?

What is another word for urging?

persuading insistence
begging beseeching
coaxing driving
goad imploring
persuasion pleading

Is urge a request?

As verbs the difference between request and urge is that request is to express the need or desire for while urge is to press; to push; to drive; to impel; to force onward.

How do you use urge as a verb?

Examples of urge in a Sentence Verb He is continually urging reform. The rescuers urged that we remain calm. an editorial urging readers to vote I urge you to reconsider. A hand on her back urged her forward.