What is the book the jacket about?

What is the book the jacket about?

The Jacket is a 2001 children’s book by author Andrew Clements. Clements based the book’s premise around a similar situation that occurred in his life, where his brother mistakenly believed that an African-American boy had stolen his jacket and confronted him over the theft.

Who is the jacket by?

Andrew Clements
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Is frindle realistic fiction?

Frindle is an example of realistic fiction. In realistic fiction, the events did not actually happen, but they are things that could believably happen. In realistic fiction, you don’t find talking animals or people living on other planets.

Why does the narrator want to cry when he first sees the jacket?

How did the narrator feel when he saw the jacket? He was so sad that he wanted to cry. How do we know that that the narrator had his old jacket for a very long time? He thought that they were discussing how foolish he looked in his new jacket.

What is the genre for the jacket by Andrew Clements?

Children’s literature
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Who is the main character in the jacket?

When Phil spies Daniel, an African-American schoolmate, wearing a jacket identical to one that his mother bought him in Italy (and that Phil had passed down to his younger brother), he assumes that Daniel has stolen the coat.

What killed Andrew Clements?

28 November 2019
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Is frindle a real word?

‘Frindle’ is a word but it is not a word that is found in official dictionaries. It was coined by Andrew Clements in his 1996 children’s book, Frindl…

What does Mr Soto mean by his clothes having failed him?

Soto mean by his clothes having “failed” him? “My clothes have failed me.” they tore apart. they didn’t pass a test. they didn’t do what he wanted them to do.

What does the jacket symbolize?

The Jacket by Gary Soto In “The Jacket” Gary Soto uses symbolism to reflect on the characterization and development of the narrator. The jacket is used as a symbol to portray poverty, the narrator’s insecurity, and the narrator’s form of self-destruction.

Who married Andrew Clements?

Rebecca Clements
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What made Andrew Clements like writing?

He likes to write in a shed behind his house where there are no distractions. He says he writes his books “one word at a time”. Clements has a Master of Art in teaching. He taught creative writing to high school students at a summer workshop.