What is the plot of the story truce in the forest?

What is the plot of the story truce in the forest?

It is Christmas Eve 1944 in western Germany. The German army is making one last desperate offensive to stave off defeat in the Western theater. Using cloud cover which grounded Allied air power German tanks took American troops by surprise routing or capturing thousands of soldiers.

Who are the characters in the story truce in the forest?

Main and supporting character in truce in the forest story

  • The author himself, who was 12 years old at the time and son of the German lady.
  • Jim, who was an American soldier.
  • Robin, another American soldier.
  • Harry, who was the wounded American soldier.
  • Hanz, who was a 16-year-old German soldier.
  • Willi, another German soldier.

Was there a Christmas truce in World War II?

As the conflict intensified, any hopes of a similar pact evaporated. However, 30 years later during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, a small Christmas truce happened for three American soldiers.

Who is Fritz Vincken?

As an adult, Fritz Vincken moved to Kapalama, Hawaii, and was the owner of Fritz’s European Bakery. After many years of living in Hawaii, he moved to Salem, Oregon, due to ill health and shortly before his death in 2001. After the war, Vincken attempted to locate the seven soldiers, but was unsuccessful.

What does the word truce?

1 : a suspension of fighting especially of considerable duration by agreement of opposing forces : armistice, cease-fire. 2 : a respite especially from a disagreeable or painful state or action. truce.

Where was the movie Silent Night filmed?

Much of the film was shot in and around Heber City, Utah. The unique mountain landscapes helped provide clues for many of the locations.

What significant role does the authors mother play in the story truce in the forest?

The mother is the main character because she played a vital role in preventing the bloodshed of 7 people in and around her house. She embodied the principle of Christmas and encouraged a civil and friendly behavior among the enemies.

Did they really play football on Christmas Day?

The following day, British and German soldiers met in no man’s land and exchanged gifts, took photographs and some played impromptu games of football. They also buried casualties and repaired trenches and dugouts. Elsewhere the fighting continued and casualties did occur on Christmas Day.

Did they really stop fighting on Christmas Day?

The Christmas truce (German: Weihnachtsfrieden; French: Trêve de Noël) was a series of widespread unofficial ceasefires along the Western Front of the First World War around Christmas 1914. The truce occurred five months after hostilities had begun. Soldiers were no longer amenable to truce by 1916.

What was the attitude of the author’s mother towards the American soldiers?

2. What was the attitude of the author’s mother towards the American soldiers? Ans: – The author’s mother initial reaction was fear as sheltering enemy soldiers was considered treason.

Is the movie Silent Night a true story?

It is based on a true story that is set in the Battle of the Bulge at Christmas time in 1944. You can watch the entire movie on You Tube. The movie begins with an elderly German named Fritz reminiscing with a young American about his grandfather who he had met in the war.

Is a truce permanent?

When two warring sides decide to call it quits, it’s called a truce — an agreement to end the fighting. A truce isn’t a permanent solution: it’s more like a time-out.