What is the population of both Central America and the Caribbean?

What is the population of both Central America and the Caribbean?

The current population of Latin America and the Caribbean is 661,281,013 as of Monday, October 4, 2021, based on the latest United Nations estimates. Latin America and the Caribbean population is equivalent to 8.42% of the total world population.

What is the population of Central America?

44.53 million
Central America consists of seven countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Their combined population is estimated at 44.53 million (2016)….Central America.

Area 521,876 km2 (201,497 sq mi)
Population density 91/km2 (240/sq mi)

What is the population of all Latin countries?

Total population in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2020, by country. In 2020, it was estimated that more than 652 million people lived in Latin America and the Caribbean.

What is the population of the Caribbean 2018?

Population of Caribbean (2019 and historical)

Year Population Yearly Change
2020 43,532,365 182,014
2020 43,532,365 197,380
2019 43,334,985 171,168
2018 43,163,817 161,383

What is the richest country in Central America?

Costa Rica
Politically, Costa Rica is the most stable country in Central America. El Salvador: According to the World Bank, El Salvador is the fourth-largest economy in the region, and has a GDP PPP of $50,903 million….Currency by country.

Countries Official Currency
Honduras Lempira
Nicaragua Córdoba
Panama Balboa / US dollar

Which is the largest of Central American nations?

The statistic shows the largest countries in Central America, based on land area. Nicaragua is the largest country in the subregion, with a total area of over 130 thousand square kilometers, followed by Honduras, with more than 112 thousand square kilometers.

What is the largest country in Latin America?

Based on land area, Brazil is the largest country in Latin America by far, with a total area of over 8.5 million square kilometers….Largest countries in Latin America, by total area (in square kilometers)

Characteristic Area in square kilometers
Brazil 8,515,770
Argentina 2,780,400
Mexico 1,964,375
Peru 1,285,216

Which is the best Latin American country?

1. Mexico. This Central American country got the best scores in all of Latin America, ranking at 47 on the global list. Reforms made by the government during the past year helped this country move up the ranking.

Which Caribbean country is the richest?

The very richest island in the Caribbean? With a GDP per capita income of 33, 516, it’s the Bahamas. This stable, developing nation is not only the richest country in the West Indies, but it also has the 14th highest nominal GDP in North America.

Which Caribbean country has the lowest population?

With a population of just 4,649 according to its 2018 census results, this British Overseas Territory is the least populated country in the Caribbean….British Virgin Islands

  • Saint Martin- 37,000.
  • Sint Maarten- 40,600.
  • Turks and Caicos Islands- 41,400.
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis- 53,000.
  • Cayman Islands- 64,000.

What is the poorest Central American country?

Nicaragua: Is the least stable country in the region, and the second-poorest in the hemisphere after Haiti….Gross domestic product by country (2012)

Countries El Salvador
GDP PPP per capita $7,734
nominal GDP $23,985,000,000
nominal GDP per capita $4,108
Economic growth (%) +1.90

Why is Uruguay so rich?

Uruguay is the second richest country in South America, and that is largely because of its booming export business. The small South American country churns out tons of wool, rice, soybeans, frozen beef, malt, and milk.