What is the population of Eastern Visayas?

What is the population of Eastern Visayas?

4,547,150 inhabitants
As of 2020, the Eastern Visayas region has a population of 4,547,150 inhabitants, making it the third most populous region in the Visayas.

What is the biggest province in Region 8?

Leyte is the largest province in the Eastern Visayas Region. The province of Leyte is one of the six provinces of Eastern Visayas Region located in Central Philippines adjacent to Cebu which ranks eighth in size among larger islands in the Philippine Archipelago.

How many barangays are there in Region 8?

It covers 6 provinces, namely, Biliran, Eastern Samar, Leyte, Northern Samar, Samar, and Southern Leyte, as well as 1 highly urbanized city. The regional center is the City of Tacloban….Contents.

Type region
Cities 7
Municipalities 136
Barangays 4,390
Coastal/Landlocked coastal

What is the population of Visayas 2020?

The population of Region VI – Western Visayas as of 01 May 2020 is 7,954,723 based on the 2020 Census of Population and Housing (2020 CPH).

What is Eastern Visayas known for?

Eastern Visayas has an agriculture-based economy being the top produces of abaca and the third largest coconut-growing region in the country. It is dubbed as the geothermal capital of the Philippines because of its abundant {mosimage}geothermal power reserve.

What are the top 5 crops in Eastern Visayas?

Eastern Visayas is primarily an agricultural region with rice, abaca, corn, coconut, sugarcane and banana as major crops. Its total land area is 21,562.85 sq.

What are the major industries in Region 8?

The three economic sectors, namely, Agriculture, Fishery, and Forestry; Industry; and Services contributed almost equally to the region’s RGDP.

What are the culture of Region 8?

Region VIII is inhabited by the Waray-Warays, the country’s fourth largest cultural linguistic group. Cebuanos from the nearby island of Cebu live in Ormoc City, Western Leyte and parts of the Southwest of Leyte. The eastern portion of the region is frequently visited by storms from the Pacific Ocean.

What is Region 8 known?

Region VIII, also known as Eastern Visayas Region, lies in the easternmost border of the Philippine Archipelago. Its two main islands: Leyte and Samar are connected by San Juanico Bridge, the second longest bridge in Southeast Asia.

What is the largest island in Visayas?

Cebu Island
Lovingly dubbed the ‘Queen of the South,’ Cebu Island is the largest island in the Visayas region, and right up there as the 126th largest island on Earth.

What is the religion of Visayas?

Roman Catholic
The majority of Visayans are Roman Catholic but some belong to other religions with the denomination. They make up a large part of the Christian population. The Visayans are known for their religious festivals. Some festivals they celebrate are: Ati-atihan, Sinulog, Dinagyang, Sandugo and the MassKara.

What are the religion in region 8?

Majority of the total household population in Eastern Visayas were Roman Catholics. It comprised more than 93 percent of the total household population, followed by Aglipayan (two percent) and Evangelicals (one percent). The remaining 15 percent were either Iglesia ni Cristo, Seventh Day Adventist, or other religions.