What is Tree-ear looking at when Min finds him?

What is Tree-ear looking at when Min finds him?

We learn that Tree-ear got his name because his ears look like the wrinkled mushrooms found on dead trees. We also learn that he is an orphan, who lives under a bridge with Crane-man. Crane-man’s name is because he can only stand on one leg, like a crane, and needs to walk with a crutch.

What does Tree-ear agree to do for Min?

back to Min and asked if he could continue to work for him and in return he would teach him how to be a potter, Tree-ear’s dream. Min agreed. Tree-ear saved half his meal every day for Crane-man.

Who did Tree-ear get the rice from?

Where did Tree-ear get the rice from? A passing-by farmer’s woven rice basket had a hole in from which the rice was leaking and Tree-ear called the farmer’s attention to it. Out of gratitude (and laziness) the farmer left the rice for Tree-ear to collect. 4.

Where does min send Tree-ear the second day?

Min agrees, sending Tree-ear to the river for clay. One afternoon, word spreads throughout Ch’ulp’o that a royal emissary called Kim is coming to offer commissions to the best potters both in their village and another village down the coast.

What does Crane-man make for Tree-ear?

Tree-ear still hopes Min will teach him to be a potter. Crane-man makes sandals for Tree-ear from the rice straw.

Why does Tree-ear have no friends?

Why does tree-ear have no friends? In A Single Shard, Tree-ear comes to live under the bridge as he is an orphan. Because he has no one to take care of him, he has to survive by foraging for scraps. And as he has no home, he has to live under a bridge, where he stays with Crane-man.

Why is Tree-ear concerned about taking the rice from the ground?

Why is Tree-ear concerned about taking the rice from the ground? He believes he should have told the farmer the moment he saw the rice spilling out. What does Crane-man tell Tree-ear about stealing? Crane-man tells him that stealing makes him no better than a dog.

What town was Tree-ear in when two robbers smashed the vases he was carrying?

Expert Answers Tree-ear is attacked by the robbers when he reaches the city Puyo. Thinking the boy’s basket may contain food, the robbers take it from him. Angry and disappointed, they smash the expensive pottery.

Why does Tree-ear enjoy watching min?

Why does Tree-ear enjoy watching Min? The potter is a perfectionist and is dramatic while throwing pots, as well. Describe the pottery Tree-ear sees outside Min’s house. He offers to work for Min in order to pay for the pottery he broke.

How did Crane-man keep track of tree-ear’s age?

Crane-man keeps track of how old tree-ear is by drawing lines under the bridge each spring, so far he was 12. Look on a map and describe where the village of Ch’ulp’o is. Ch’ulp’o is located in Modern South Korea.

Why does tree-ear have no friends?

What happens to Crane-man’s crutch?

What happened to Crane’man’s crutch? It broke when he tried to catch fish that came up onto the beach.