What national park would you most like to visit?

What national park would you most like to visit?

15 Best National Parks in the U.S. You Should Visit

  1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina and Tennessee.
  2. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.
  3. Zion National Park, Utah.
  4. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.
  5. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.
  6. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

Which is the national park in my state?

National Parks in India: State Wise

State/Union Territory Total Parks National Parks Name
Karnataka 5 Bannerghatta National Park
Kudremukh National Park
Nagarahole (Rajiv Gandhi) National Park
Kerala 6 Anamudi Shola National Park

What are 5 different national parks?

The Mighty 5

  • Arches National Park. Moab, UT.
  • Bryce Canyon National Park. Bryce, UT.
  • Canyonlands National Park. Moab, UT.
  • Capitol Reef National Park. Torrey, UT.
  • Zion National Park. Springdale, UT.

What national parks are in more than one state?

Most of the park’s federally designated wilderness is in Montana. d. Yellowstone is not the only national park that is located in three different states.

What is the most beautiful national park?

The 12 Most Beautiful National Parks in the USA

  • Acadia National Park, Maine.
  • Arches National Park, Utah.
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio.
  • Glacier National Park, Montana.
  • Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.
  • Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Is Yosemite the most beautiful place on earth?

Still, Yosemite National Park has to rank near the top. …

Which states have no national parks?

States without National Parks are: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho (see above,) Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Which state has highest national park?

Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh and Andaman and Nicobar have the highest number of national parks (9 each).

What is the prettiest National Park?

What 5 states have no national parks?

Which are the only two US national parks located in three states?

Yellowstone National Park and Cumberland Gap National Historical Park – Yellowstone National Park lies mostly within the state of Wyoming but stretches into Montana and Idaho. Three of the park’s five entrances are located in Montana. The Idaho section of the park is just 50 square miles and is quite remote.

Which state is most beautiful?

Top 10 Most Beautiful States in America

  • Alaska.
  • Utah.
  • Arizona.
  • Hawaii.
  • Colorado.
  • Michigan.
  • Oregon.
  • Florida. Also known as the Sunshine State, Florida is an alluring mix of gorgeous beaches, balmy weather, and sweet Latin vibe.