What secondary school did Geoff Hurst go to?

What secondary school did Geoff Hurst go to?

He was a pupil at Chelmsford’s Kings Road and Rainsford Schools. He became famous during his 499 Football League and FA Cup appearances for West Ham, during which he scored 248 goals.

Where was Geoff Hurst from?

Geoff Hurst/Place of birth

What school did Bobby Moore go to?

Moore was born in Barking, Essex, son of Robert E. Moore and Doris (née Buckle). He attended Westbury Primary School Barking then Tom Hood School, Leytonstone, playing football for both.

Who passed Geoff Hurst?

Alan Ball delivered the ball to Geoff Hurst whose deflected shot from the edge of the area found Martin Peters. He produced the final shot, beating the West German keeper from eight yards to make the score 2–1 to England.

How many 1966 players are still alive?

Three members of England’s 1966 World Cup team are still alive. They are as follows: Bobby Charlton is currently 83 years old. The iconic footballer was diagnosed with dementia late last year, which his wife revealed in an interview with The Telegraph.

Is Geoff Hurst ill?

In November 2020, Hurst offered to donate his brain after his death for research into dementia. This followed the death of several of his 1966 World Cup winning colleagues, Jack Charlton, Martin Peters, Ray Wilson and Nobby Stiles after suffering with the disease and the diagnosis of Bobby Charlton with dementia.

Who did Geoff Hurst used to play for?

West Ham United
Geoff Hurst

Personal information
1958–1972 West Ham United 411
1972–1975 Stoke City 108
1973 → Cape Town City (loan) 6
1975–1976 West Bromwich Albion 10

Did Bobby Moore own a pub?

The only man to captain England to World Cup glory opened his pub, Mooro’s in Stratford, east London, after his playing days ended in the mid 1970s.

How many 1966 teams are still alive?

The death of Roger Hunt at the age of 83 leaves just three surviving members from the England team that won the World Cup in 1966. Sir Bobby Charlton, Sir Geoff Hurst and George Cohen are now the only living players from the team that famously and thrillingly defeated West Germany 4-2 after extra time at Wembley.

Is Geoff Hurst alive?

Geoff Hurst (born 8 December 1941) is an English retired professional footballer.

Is Roger Hunt dead?

Deceased (1938–2021)
Roger Hunt/Living or Deceased

Why did Geoff Hurst get a knighthood?

Former World Cup player Geoff Hurst is knighted in queen’s birthday honours. Sir Geoff, who is also one of England’s ambassadors in the bid to host the World Cup in 2006 and became the only man to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final, was nominated for his contribution to sport.