What species is the green sea turtle in?

What species is the green sea turtle in?

The green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), also known as the green turtle, black (sea) turtle or Pacific green turtle, is a species of large sea turtle of the family Cheloniidae….

Green sea turtle
Family: Cheloniidae
Subfamily: Cheloniinae
Genus: Chelonia Brongniart, 1800
Species: C. mydas

What is a green sea turtle common name?

Chelonia mydas
(green sea turtle)

What is the genus and species of a green sea turtle?

Green sea turtle/Genus

How many species of green turtles are there?

Green turtles are found throughout the world. They nest in over 80 countries and live in the coastal areas of more than 140 countries….Scientific Classification.

Kingdom Animalia
Family Cheloniidae
Genus Chelonia
Species mydas

Do green sea turtles sleep underwater?

Green sea turtles are often found sleeping underwater. During this time, green sea turtles lay their eggs on sand along a beach and wait for their hatchlings to break from their shells and crawl back into the water.

How deep can green sea turtles dive?

Green sea turtles can really dive deep when they need to, though, being able to reach depths of as much as 960 feet on average! However, some turtle species such as the leatherback turtle can dive as far down as 3,000 feet below sea level! The farthest sea turtle deep dive ever recorded was 3,937 feet below sea level.

Do sea turtles sleep in water?

Sea turtles can sleep at the surface while in deep water or on the bottom wedged under rocks in nearshore waters. Hatchlings typically sleep floating on the surface, and they usually have their front flippers folded back over the top of their backs.

Why do green sea turtles sleep on the beach?

Sea turtles are reptiles and they breath air. They can stay underwater for longer then 30 minutes at a time where they feed on limu (seaweed). They sleep out on the reef by taking short naps underwater, but will also crawl up on a sandy beach to sleep and dry out their shells to kill the algae that grows on them.

The green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), also known as the green turtle, black (sea) turtle or Pacific green turtle, is a species of large sea turtle of the family Cheloniidae. It is the only species in the genus Chelonia.

What is the population of the green sea turtle?

The Green Sea Turtle. The current status of the Green Sea Turtle is endangered, but gradually coming up and not being endangered no more. The current population of the Green Sea Turtle is between 85,000 and 90,000.

What species of turtles are extinct?

Turtles and tortoises. Extinct species. Pinta giant tortoise (Chelonoidis abingdonii) Galápagos tortoise (Chelonoidis nigra) (4 of 15 known species extinct) Réunion giant tortoise (Cylindraspis indica) Saddle-backed Mauritius giant tortoise (Cylindraspis inepta) Domed Rodrigues giant tortoise (Cylindraspis peltastes)

Where are green turtles found?

Range: Green sea turtles are found around the world in warm subtropical and tropical ocean waters, and nesting occurs in over 80 different countries. There are populations with different colorings and markings in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.