What was the name of the Thompson Twins first album?

What was the name of the Thompson Twins first album?

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Thompson Twins/First album

Who died from the Thompson Twins?

Matthew Seligman, Bassist for The Soft Boys and Thompson Twins, Dies from Covid-19. New Wave bassist Matthew Seligman has passed away due to coronavirus, according to The Soft Boys frontman Robyn Hitchcock; he was 64 years old.

Where did the name Thompson Twins come from?

The Thompson Twins (L-R) Tom Bailey, Alannah Currie and Joe Leeway in London in 1984. There are neither Thompsons nor twins in the band; they took their name from a pair of characters in a French comic strip, Hergé’s Adventures of Tintin.

What hits did the Thompson Twins have?

Includes all of their Top 40 hits: Hold Me Now; Doctor! Doctor!; Lay Your Hands on Me; King for a Day; Get That Love , and Lies .

Are Thompson and Thompson Twins?

Thomson and Thompson (French: Dupont et Dupond [dy. pɔ̃]) are fictional characters in The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. The detectives were in part based on Hergé’s father and uncle, identical twins who wore matching bowler hats while carrying matching walking sticks.

What happened to Joe leeway?

The experience with Slaves of New York seemed to stall Leeway’s career as an actor permanently, but he continued to work in sound design for films as well as commercials for Nike and Pepsi. As of 2006, Leeway resided in Los Angeles, and worked in the field of hypnotherapy.

What are the Thompson Twins doing today?

Tom Bailey remarried artist Lauren Drescher, and he currently resides in France and London. In 2018 Bailey released a new album entitled Science Fiction. After leaving the Thompson Twins in 1986, Leeway briefly dabbled in acting and attempted a solo music career, though neither were successful.

When were Thompson Twins popular?

Thompson Twins were a British pop band that formed in April 1977. Initially a new wave group, they switched to a more mainstream pop sound and achieved considerable popularity during the mid-1980s, scoring a string of hits in the United Kingdom, the United States, and around the world.

What year did the Thompson Twins release Hold Me Now?

Hold Me Now/Released
It was certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) in 1983, becoming the band’s biggest-selling single, and their first top five in that country. The song was released in the United States in February 1984.

How many people are in the Thompson Twins?

seven members
The band was named after the two bumbling detectives Thomson and Thompson in Hergé’s comic strip The Adventures of Tintin. At various stages they had up to seven members, but their best-known incarnation was as a trio between 1982 and 1986.

Who is the black guy in the Thompson Twins?

Joseph Martin Leeway
Joseph Martin Leeway (born 15 November 1955, in Islington, London) is the former multi-instrumentalist, and stylings guru, for the 1980s band Thompson Twins.