When did Eto o leave Barcelona?

When did Eto o leave Barcelona?

Eto’o led Barcelona to a historic season in 2009, when the club captured its first “treble” by winning the national first-division title, Spain’s major domestic cup (Copa del Rey), and the continental championship (Champions League). At the end of the season, Eto’o was transferred to Inter Milan.

Why did Eto o leave Inter Milan?

After aggravating a meniscus injury on 28 August during a summer friendly against Inter Milan, Eto’o was sidelined indefinitely.

What did Samuel Eto say about Pep Guardiola?

Eto’o also recalled his time with Pep Guardiola at Barcelona, saying: “I love him as a coach, but not as a person. I learned to play football with him. I interpreted him better than anyone.”

Was Samuel Eto o good?

He played 52 games and scored 36 goals. Thirty in 36 in the league. He totalled 199 games and 130 goals and he left with two Champions League winner’s medals, three league titles and a Copa del Rey, winning a Treble in his last season.

Did Eto o play left back?

I played as a leftback or in the midfield when the team needed it, I always gave my all. I’m proud to be part of that great family and to give the fans some really great moments. I hope that they will always remember what we did.

How many languages can Eto speak?

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