When did Spyro Gyra start?

When did Spyro Gyra start?

Spyro Gyra/Active from
Founded in 1974 by saxophonist Jay Beckenstein, Spyro Gyra have consistently been one of the commercially successfully pop-jazz groups of the past 30 years. The band became a full-time venture in 1976 and has been touring ever since.

Where is the band Spyro Gyra from?

Buffalo, New York, United States
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Who is the keyboard player for Spyro Gyra?

Tom Schuman
Spyro Gyra/Keyboardists

Tom Schuman (born January 31, 1958) is an American jazz pianist, smooth jazz keyboardist, the co-leader, composer and arranger. of 13 Grammy nominated contemporary jazz group, Spyro Gyra. He has been the keyboardist for Spyro Gyra since he was 16 years old (before the release of their first album).

Who is the saxophonist of Spyro Gyra?

Jay Beckenstein

Jay Beckenstein
Instruments Saxophone
Years active 1974–present
Labels Windham Hill
Associated acts Spyro Gyra, Bob James, Dream Theater, Jason Miles, Dave Samuels, Jeremy Wall, Tom Schuman

How did Spyro Gyra get its name?

Spyro Gyra /ˌspaɪroʊˈdʒaɪrə/ is an American jazz fusion band that was formed in Buffalo, New York, in 1974. The band’s name comes from Spirogyra, a genus of green algae which founder Jay Beckenstein had learned about in college.

When was Spyro Gyra popular?

Morning Dance firmly established Spyro Gyra as one of the most popular artists in contemporary jazz, and throughout the ’80s their popularity continued growing. Their albums were consistent best-sellers, and their concerts often sold out.

What is Spyro Gyra most famous song?

Morning Dance
The song “Morning Dance” reached No. 17 in the UK Singles Chart, No. 1 on the US Adult Contemporary singles chart, No. 45 on the Canadian pop charts, and No.

What kind of Sax does Jay Beckenstein play?

Yamaha alto sax
While he is unsure of the model numbers, Beckenstein plays a prototype Yamaha alto sax and a Yamaha custom tenor sax, a Keilwerth soprano sax and an L.A. Sax alto. He uses a Vandoren Java #3 reed for his tenor and a #3.5 for his soprano and altos.

How old is Jay Beckenstein?

70 years (May 14, 1951)
Jay Beckenstein/Age

What mouthpiece does Jay Beckenstein use?

His current alto is the “Chicago Jazz” model by LA Sax, fitted with a Beechler White Diamond S6S mouthpiece and Vandoren Traditional No. 3 Reeds.

Where did Spyro Gyra get their music from?

Spyro Gyra was picked up by Amherst Records, a local label who then made a deal for subsequent albums to go to Infinity Records, a label owned by MCA Records. After gaining Infinity its only gold (soon to be platinum) record with Morning Dance, Infinity folded and the group was picked up by MCA Records.

When did Spyro Gyra release the album Carnaval?

Carnaval is the fourth album by Spyro Gyra, released in 1980. It was given gold record status on June 1, 1987. At Billboard magazine, Carnaval reached No. 49 on the Top 200 Albums chart. The song “Cafe Amore” reached No. 77 on the Hot 100 singles chart and No. 14 on the Adult Contemporary singles chart.

When did Spyro Gyra release Shaker song in Canada?

In 1977, they released Spyro Gyra independently before making a deal with Amherst Records, which re-released the album with a different cover. It included “Shaker Song,” which reached No. 90 on Billboard’s Hot 100, No. 99 on the pop chart in Canada, and No. 26 on the Canadian AC chart.

What kind of covers does Spyro Gyra do?

“When I saw that Spyro had done an album of Covers, I cringed. then I was terrified to begin listening. then I Listened. now I can’t stop Listening. Jay and the guys have pulled off an incredible feat. An entire album of incredible ‘covering’ of great songs .. instrumentally. And the more times you listen, the better they get.