When was Exile on Main street released?

When was Exile on Main street released?

12 May 1972
Exile on Main St./Release date
It was 38 years ago today (May 12th, 1972) that the Rolling Stones released their groundbreaking double album, Exile On Main St. The collection chronicled the band’s last days in England and living decadently in exile in and around the French Riviera during the spring and summer of 1971.

Who produced Exile on Main street?

Jimmy Miller
This was, for me, one of the major frustrations of this whole period. For our previous two albums we had worked well and listened to producer Jimmy Miller. At Nellcôte things were very different and it took me a while to understand why.”

Why is Exile on Main Street so good?

In his book on Exile on Main St, Bill Janoviz, the American music writer and lead singer with Buffalo Tom, described it as “the greatest, most soulful, rock ‘n’ roll record ever made” because it seamlessly distills “perhaps all the essential elements of rock & roll up to 1971, if not beyond”.

What was the name of rock’s first concept album released in 1966?

Face to Face
Brian Boyd of The Irish Times names the Kinks’ Face to Face (1966) as the first concept album: “Written entirely by Ray Davies, the songs were supposed to be linked by pieces of music, so that the album would play without gaps, but the record company baulked at such radicalism.

How did Exile on Main Street get its name?

– Mick Jagger, 1972 Have a chat with either Onassis’s lot or Niarchos’s, who had the big yachts there. You could almost see the guns pointed at each other. That’s why we called it Exile On Main Street.

Who plays harmonica on Exile on Main Street?

Ken “Stringbean” Sorensen
“I think it’s just that the vibe of the recording process came through on the record,” says harmonica player Ken “Stringbean” Sorensen of Neptune City, who sometimes plays “Exile on Main St.” songs during his 300 shows per year.

Why were the Stones kicked out of England?

They decided to move the band to France to avoid taxes and shelter their earnings in a Netherlands holding company. “We had to leave England to acquire enough money to pay the taxes because in those days, in England, the high tax rate was 90 percent, so that’s very hard,” Jagger told CNN.

Why were the Rolling Stones in exile?

The Rolling Stones pitched up in the south of France in the spring of 1971 as reluctant tax exiles fleeing the Labour government’s punitive 93% tax on high earners.

Is Exile on Main Street overrated?

Here’s the thing about Exile on Main St.: While it’s an excellent album and contains some of the band’s signature hits (“Tumbling Dice,” “Loving Cup,” “Shine a Light”) and some excellent deep cuts (“Rip This Joint,” “Casino Boogie”), it’s profoundly overrated — especially in the context of the rest of the Stones’ …

Is Exile on Main Street the best Stones album?

Exile on Main Street may well be, as many claim, the finest album of the Stones’s career, but it’s also the sound of a slow implosion, of things falling apart, both the end of the Rolling Stones as the world had come to know them and the end of an era of rock and roll music as well.

Who recorded the first concept album?

In 1946, Frank Sinatra released The Voice Of Frank Sinatra, which is seen by many as the true first concept album, being that it deals in one mood and emotion throughout.

Why is Sgt Pepper so important?

The Beatles had brought the values of the counterculture into the mainstream. By breaking traditional rules about what a “rock album” should be, Sgt. Pepper gave other musicians new ideas and new attitudes to the approach of music. The production of the record also set new standards in expertise and innovation.