Where are the sea lions in Santa Cruz?

Where are the sea lions in Santa Cruz?

the Santa Cruz Wharf
1. Sea Lions at the Santa Cruz Wharf. The California sea lion population has tripled in the past 40 years, and the Santa Cruz Wharf, built in 1914, is a common resting spot for these gorgeous pinnipeds. Park anywhere on the wharf (first 30 minutes are free, then there’s a small fee) then walk out toward the end.

Where can I see seals in Santa Cruz?

Año Nuevo State Park is the site for one of the largest mainland breeding colonies in the world for the northern elephant seal, and lucky for us, it’s just 22 miles north of Santa Cruz along scenic Highway 1.

When can you see sea lions in California?

The best seal sightings happen from mid-January to mid-March, when they gather in large numbers for their pupping season. They can be seen all year, but usually not in such big groups. Sea lion sightings generally remain constant throughout the year.

What beach in California has sea lions?

La Jolla Cove
One of the best places to see sea lions in California is at La Jolla Cove (an excellent sea lion beach in California). However, they are all up and down the California coast. Other places include San Simeon, Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary, Pier 39 in San Francisco, and King Harbor in Redondo Beach.

Are there sea lions or seals in Santa Cruz?

The Santa Cruz Wharf is a common resting place of the oft-noisy sea lion (Zalophus californianus). You may also see harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) but they are much less common on the wharf.

How much is Santa Cruz Wharf parking?

Parking Rates Winter – $1 per hour for first 4 hours, then $2 per hour, $12 max.

Does Santa Barbara have seals or sea lions?

Staggering populations of over 70,000 California sea lions, 5,000 northern fur seals, 50,000 northern elephant seals and 1,100 harbor seals breed and pup on the island each year. The diversity of pinnipeds is part of a larger picture of biological diversity found in the Santa Barbara Channel.

Are there seals at the Channel Islands?

Harbor Seals are typically found near shore. They are found throughout the California Channel Islands including all five Islands in Channel Islands National Park. On San Miguel Island 1,100 harbor seals breed annually on Point Bennett, which is also an extraordinary haul out area for four other pinniped species.

What is the difference between seals and sea lions?

Sea lions (left) are brown, bark loudly, “walk” on land using their large flippers and have visible ear flaps. Seals have small flippers, wriggle on their bellies on land, and lack visible ear flaps. Secondly, sea lions have small flaps for outer ears. The “earless” or “true” seals lack external ears altogether.

What time of day are seals most active?

When it’s hot and sunny, the seals typically leave the beach each morning by 7:00 or 8:00am at the latest. They’ll gradually return to the sand in the late afternoon or early evening, once the shade and/or tide has cooled off the sand.

Does La Jolla have seals or sea lions?

La Jolla Cove has both seal and sea lions — but how do you tell the difference between them? Firstly, you’re way more likely to see seals at the Children’s Pool, whereas the sea lions live next door near the cliffs at the Cove.

How much is parking at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk?

There are two big parking lots accessible along Beach Street, where all-day parking is $15. But they fill up fast. Consider parking at the $10 lot at 701 Ocean St., then taking a free shuttle to the Boardwalk.