Where do you stop on the way to Seattle?

Where do you stop on the way to Seattle?

20 Best Stops on the San Francisco to Seattle Drive

  • Sausalito, California.
  • Muir Woods, California.
  • Sonoma, California.
  • Napa Valley, California.
  • Mendocino, California.
  • Fort Bragg, California.
  • Shasta Lake, California.
  • Crescent City, California.

Is Seattle close to Pennsylvania?

Distance from Pennsylvania to Seattle is 3,612 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 2,244 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Pennsylvania and Seattle is 3,612 km= 2,244 miles.

How far is Seattle from Philadelphia by plane?

Flight time from Philadelphia to Seattle, WA is 5 hours 50 minutes. Distance from Philadelphia to Seattle, WA is approximately 3820 kilometers.

How long is a car ride from Philadelphia to California?

Yes, the driving distance between Philadelphia to California is 2725 miles. It takes approximately 43h 1m to drive from Philadelphia to California.

How many days does it take to drive from San Francisco to Seattle?

Over the course of the road trip, expect to drive approximately 38 hours (one way) and around 1800 miles. In order to drive from San Francisco to Seattle in a reasonable amount of time (1-2+ weeks depending on the length of your trip), you’ll be driving almost every day, with some being longer driving days than others.

How many days do you need in Seattle?

Seattle is an international city with arts, food, science, and the outdoors to explore. With 3 to 4 days in the city, it’s easy to experience the best of Seattle: you focus first on the city’s core, and then venture out onto the water or to one of the city’s parks.

Is California close to Philadelphia?

Distance from California to Philadelphia is 3,844 kilometers. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between California and Philadelphia is 3,844 km= 2,389 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from California to Philadelphia, It takes 4.27 hours to arrive.

Can you take Amtrak to California?

You can ride Amtrak to Los Angeles, either directly, or by connection, from almost anywhere in the United States. Travelers from Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle and other cities take the Amtrak to Los Angeles, daily. See the Amtrak schedule and fare information to Los Angeles.

What is the halfway point between Seattle and San Francisco?

Halfway between Seattle, WA and San Francisco, CA The best city between Seattle, WA and San Francisco, CA to meet is Medford, Oregon which is about 33 miles from the exact midpoint. The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually Sunny Valley, Oregon. The closest zip code to the midpoint is 97497.

Where do you stop when driving from San Francisco to Seattle?

Your San Francisco to Seattle Road Trip

  1. San Francisco, California. First stop on your San Francisco to Seattle road trip is of course, the almighty San Francisco.
  2. Sonoma, California.
  3. Napa Valley, California.
  4. Mendocino, California.
  5. Fort Bragg, California.
  6. Shasta Lake, California.
  7. Crater Lake, Oregon.
  8. Willamette Valley, Oregon.

What are the best months to visit Seattle?

The best time to visit Seattle is from September to October. Summer marks the city’s high season, meaning room rates rise and availability drops, while cold winter weather can deter even the most avid sightseers.

What should you not miss in Seattle?

10 Things Not to Miss When Visiting Seattle

  • Gasworks Parks.
  • Seattle Art Museum.
  • The Space Needle in Seattle by night.
  • Snoqualmie Falls near Seattle.
  • roller bladers in Greenlake, a great Seattle neighborhood.
  • Pikes Place Market sign in Seattle.
  • The Boatyard Inn in Langley on Whidbey Island.