Where is North West Shelf?

Where is North West Shelf?

Western Australia
The North West Shelf is a continental shelf region of Western Australia. It includes an extensive oil and gas region off the North West Australia coast in the Pilbara region.

Who operates North West Shelf?

The North West Shelf project is equally owned by operator Woodside, BHP, BP, Chevron, Shell and Japan Australian LNG that is owned by Mitsui and Mitsubishi. The 2020 drop in supply from NWS has been known since 2014 when the Barnett State Government revised the agreement with the North West Shelf.

Who owns Karratha gas plant?

Woodside Energy Ltd
The plant, which is operated by Woodside Energy Ltd for the North West Shelf Venture (NWSV), has four trains which were opened between 1989 and 2004 (1989 LNG trains one and two, 1992 LNG train three, 2004 LNG train four) although the plant was first commissioned for processing domestic gas in 1984.

Where is the North West Shelf Australia?

The NWS operations consist of production from oil and gas fields located approximately 125 kilometres north-west of Karratha, Western Australia in water depths ranging between 80 and 131 metres.

Who owns the Dampier Bunbury pipeline?

SECWA operated the pipeline until its privatisation of sale in 1998. In 2004 it was purchased by DBP. During DBP’s ownership, $1.7bn has been invested into the DBNGP in meeting the energy needs of Western Australia, via separate expansion projects, Stages 4, 5A and 5B.

What is Karrathas post code?

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Where is Browse Basin?

The Browse Basin covers an area of approximately 140,000 km2 and lies entirely offshore, north of Broome. The basin is bounded by the Leveque Shelf in the south, the Kimberley Block to the east, and the Ashmore Platform and Scott Plateau in the north, and grades into the offshore Canning Basin to the southwest.

How long is the Dampier to Bunbury pipeline?

approximately 1,600km
Overview. The DBNGP corridor is approximately 1,600km in length, starting from the Burrup Peninsula near the town of Dampier in the North West to Brunswick near Bunbury in the South West of Western Australia.

What is the postcode for Albany?

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What is Port Hedland postcode?

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What is Browse project?

The Browse LNG was a liquefied natural gas plant project proposed for construction at James Price Point, 52 kilometres (32 mi) north of Broome on the Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia. It would have processed natural gas extracted from the Browse Basin.

Where is Carnarvon Basin?

The Carnarvon Basin is a geological basin located in the north west of Western Australia which extends from the Dampier Archipelago to the Murchison bioregion, and is the main geological feature that makes up the North West Shelf.