Where is the country of Cook island?

Where is the country of Cook island?

South Pacific Ocean
The Cook Islands (Cook Islands Māori: Kūki ‘Āirani) is a self-governing island country in the South Pacific Ocean in free association with New Zealand.

Is Cook island part of USA?

Article V The United States of America recognizes the sovereignty of the Cook Islands over the islands of Penrhyn, Pukapuka (Danger), Manihiki and Rakahanga.

What is the capital of Cook Islands?

Avarua District
Cook Islands/Capitals

Avarua, town and capital of the Cook Islands, South Pacific Ocean. It is located on the north-central coast of the island of Rarotonga, in the southern Cook Islands, about 2,100 miles (3,400 km) north of New Zealand.

Where is Cook Islands on the world map?

km, the Cook Islands are a group of 15 small islands that are spread over 2 million sq. km in the South Pacific Ocean. The 15 islands are geographically divided into the Northern and Southern island groups….Key Facts.

Legal Name Cook Islands
Capital City Avarua
21 12 S, 159 46 W
Total Area 236.00 km2

What language is spoken in Cook Islands?

EnglishPukapukan language
Cook Islands/Official languages
Cook Islands Language Week ‘Epetoma ō te reo Māori Kūki ‘Āirani celebrates the languages spoken by the people of the Cook Islands; Cook Islands Māori, the Western Polynesian language Pukapuka, and the distinctive mixture of Cook Islands Māori and English spoken by the people of Palmerston Island.

Are Cook Islands safe?

The Cook Islands’ crime rate is low. Thieves sometimes target tourists, especially at the beach. Watch out for your belongings. Don’t leave valuables in motor scooters or motorcycles.

What language is spoken in the Cook Islands?

What language do they speak in the Cook Islands?

Cook Islands/Official languages

How do you say hello in rarotongan?

“Kia Orana” = Hello (Key-ah-o-raah-nah) We start with the basics and the first thing you’ll probably hear when you land in Rarotonga. “Kia Orana” is the greeting used to say “hello” in the Cook Islands and is probably the one you’ll use most often without a doubt.

What kind of food do they eat in the Cook Islands?

Traditional main meals consist of bread or rice with starchy vegetables such as taro, kumara, coconut, fish, and a variety of ocean delicacies such as pasua (giant clam). Breadfruit, banana, cassava, coconut, papaya and taro. Local fruit and vegetables.

Are there sharks in the Cook Islands?

There are 18 different species of shark found in Cook Island waters. The more common sharks include the white-tip reef shark, the black-tip reef shark and the grey reef shark. Other sightings include hammerhead sharks, oceanic white-tip sharks, tiger sharks and whale sharks.

How do islanders say hello?

“Kia Orana” is the greeting used to say “hello” in the Cook Islands and is probably the one you’ll use most often without a doubt. The literal translation is actually “May you live a long and fulfilling life” which is a wonderful sentiment that typifies the Cook Island culture.